Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Proverbs 31 is the basis for almost every single Mother’s Day sermon. Am I right?? And with Mother’s Day is right around the corner. it’s time to think about the mom in your life and decide what you want to buy her. Let’s dive into this Mother’s Day gift guide, so you can discover some new ideas for what to give mom this special day of remembering who she is to you!

Mother's Day Gift Guide @

When it comes to mom, sometimes you know exactly what to get her. And sometimes you need a little help. Or at least I do. I struggle with gift giving! So if you’re like me, I hope this gift guide helps you out.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is an excellent time to buy mom a gift you think she’ll really love. 

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 31 that “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Proverbs 31:28

Whenever we can show Mom how much we appreciate her, we’re living out these words from Scripture. 

1. Custom Painted Bible

If your mom would love a new bible for Mother’s Day, then perhaps getting her this Custom painted bible is just what she needs! You can order this bible custom to her liking. Each bible is painted to suit the person you are gifting the bible, which is awesome!

If your mom hasn’t gotten a new bible in a while, then this may be the route to go. Usually, moms think of themselves last, so this is a great way to put her first.

2. Picture Throw Pillow

Another fun gift to buy mom for Mother’s Day is a photo throw pillow. Choose your favorite pillows and go to work on ordering her a beautiful gift that she’ll have for many years to come!

This is a great option for when you want to get mom something unique, but you don’t want to break the bank.

3. Floral Boquet Diffuser

If you want to give your mom something amazing this year, then check out this Floral Bouquet Diffuser. She can remember your love for her all year round by the smell of the scents!

Plus, this is something different you can gift her that will also go great with all of the decor in her household.

4. Magnolia Cookbook

Let’s be a little honest here, a lot of the cooking falls on mom and dad. Perhaps mom is ready for a little more inspiration in the kitchen. Magnolia Cookbook is just what she needs this Mother’s Day to help her feel a little refreshed and refocused with cooking!

Mom can keep this in the kitchen for when she’s looking for a little bit of cooking inspiration.

5. Wrapped Glass Candle

I’m sure you’ve been buying mom candles for Mother’s Day for years. She is going to love one of these Tea Cup Candles. It truly helps express your love for her in the form of a beautiful scent.

This candle is almost too pretty to light, but don’t worry, you’ll want to light up this candle to take advantage of the scent.

6. Mother’s Day Gift Box

Do you want to go all out for mom this Mother’s Day? You’re going to love the opportunity to gift mom this Mother’s Day gift box.

You can use this as an idea to create your own gift box for mom too. You don’t have to just rely on someone else making it for you! Get a little creative and make mom a Mother’s Day gift box customized by you.

7. Dried Flowers

Giving mom something for Mother’s Day can sometimes be confusing. You may not want to buy her flowers that die in just a few days. Instead, give her these dried flowers that truly last for a long time. They are beautifully put together too!

Mother's Day Gift Guide @

8. Faithbased Farmhouse Sign

Giving mom something she truly loves is important. If you aren’t sure what to give her, then consider this faith-based farmhouse sign.

9. Mom of Faith

If you’re focused on giving mom a gift she won’t forget this year, then perhaps a “Mom of Faith” t-shirt is what you can gift her this Mother’s Day. When she wears this shirt, she may feel as though she can conquer the world. Let’s face it, when Jesus is on your team, you can do the impossible!

10. Faith Filled Mom

A fun gift to consider getting mom this year is this Faith Filled Mom phone case. These phone cases are ideal when mom may want to display her faith but in a subtle way. Plus, they’re so cute and perfect for mom this Mother’s Day!

11. Mom Devotional Bible?

Does mom want to spend more time learning about Jesus? This NIV Mom’s Devotional Bible is great for a mom that wants to spend more time learning about God and developing her faith. Plus, the bible is super cute on the cover.

12. Kindle

Does your mom love to read? If so, it may be time to invest in a Kindle for mom. In 2020, there are tons of different books out there for mom to read. A Kindle will help her get those books to read faster. Plus, it’s nice to break away from the phone and just have reading at the tip of your fingers.

13. My Mom Journal

Mother’s Day is a time to truly help your mom discover who she is. It’s a time of self-discovery! That’s why this Mom Journal is here. Your mom can write in this journal when she’s feeling sad, mad, or upset! She can record her journey and memories right in one spot.

14. Faith Sweatshirt

While it may be warm right now, there is just something about being cozy. This Faith sweatshirt is super cozy, but also super cute. Mom can wear this sweater when it’s super chilly out. If she’s into cute and cozy stuff, then don’t be afraid to grab this!

15. Custom Puzzle Photo

Imagine your mom putting a puzzle together, but it has a picture of you and her together. A Custom Puzzle Photo makes for a really awesome Mother’s Day gift. Go ahead and buy one and watch at how surprised she is.

I hope this list helps you find something for mom that she’ll truly love. While moms and grandmas can be hard to shop for, there is always the perfect gift out there for each one of them!

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