The Daily Checklist {Day 25}

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The Daily Checklist: Tangible proof you got something done! @  #busymoms #getorganized

31 Days of Calm in My Chaos

Some days you just need a pep talk. Checking off items on your to do list gives you that little pat on the back that helps you feel like you really have accomplished something.

I can’t count the days when, in the evening, I wonder what it was I did all day. When you use a To Do List and a Daily and Weekly Checklist for your chores, you have tangible proof that while the house may not be perfect, the floors may be sticky and you didn’t squeeze in a shower – you still got something done.

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The Daily Household Chores Checklist

The Daily Checklist {found in This is My Life Planner} is pulled from my “plan of action” that I’ve talked about for years now here at A Virtuous Woman. Here is that plan of action along with approximately how long each task should take to complete:

  • Make Beds {5 minutes per bedroom}
  • Start Laundry – Wash {2 minutes}, Fold {5 minutes}, Put Away {5 minutes}
  • Sweep Floors/ Vacuum {5 – 10 minutes}
  • Tidy Kitchen {30 minutes or less per meal}
  • Wipe Down Bathrooms {2 minutes per bathroom}
  • Straighten House {30 minutes}
  • 10 Minute Declutter {10 minutes}
  • Take Out Trash {2 minutes}

This daily list or plan of action should take, on average, no more than 1 1/2 hours to complete if done daily. Remember that maintaining a neat home means less time spent cleaning over all! A clean house is easier to clean than a messy house.

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Depending on the weekly chore you choose to do each day, you may be adding another 30 minutes or so to your daily chore time.

I suggest doing most of the Daily Checklist first thing in the morning, but you know what you’re schedule is and what will work best for you and your family. Then, the weekly chores can be done when you have time.

Sometimes it’s better to just get all that stuff out of the way so that you can enjoy the rest of your day without those dreaded chores hanging over your head!

The Proverbs 31 Woman

Remember a Proverbs 31 Woman looks well to the ways of her household. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect or has a perfect home. But she is working toward the goal of a neat and orderly home that offers a warm atmosphere to those who enter.

Today’s Goal: If you haven’t been using a daily checklist or if you don’t use one consistently, consider whether you think this tool might help you accomplish more during the day.

Do you use a checklist on a regular basis?


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