Organization Tips for Simple School Mornings

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Mornings are often hectic and getting everyone out the door on time can feel chaotic and stressful. Moms often feel stressed in the mornings because they aren’t sure how to get it all done and keep everything running smoothly. The good news is that families can enjoy simple mornings with a little organization and planning. Today I’m sharing some organization tips for simple school mornings.

Organization Tips for Simple School Mornings @

Create organizing systems so everything has a place and children build a habit of putting everything in those places. Organize your home so that everything they need is easy to access and ready to go so you are not wasting away your mornings looking for shoes and fighting to find their lunch box.

Organization Tips for Simple School Mornings

Create a system for packed lunches. Each day when children walk in have them empty lunch boxes and dump them into a sink of soapy water to be washed with dinner dishes. After washing pack lunches for the next day using leftovers from dinner and other planned foods. Store lunch boxes in the refrigerator ready to go for the next day so you do not have to worry about packing them in the morning. You might also want to teach your child how to pack their own lunch boxes to save you time!

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Take the fight out of getting dressed for school. If your child does not wear a uniform have them pick out the week’s outfits on Sunday afternoon lining them in in the closet, in a dresser, or a storage bin so they can grab each outfit in its entirety when they wake up to get dressed for school.

Plan breakfasts ahead of time and cook anything you can so that in the morning breakfast is simple, easy, and ready to go. On the go style breakfasts like toaster waffles made into peanut butter jelly sandwiches and protein packed egg muffin cups are a great way to be ready to eat on the way out the door so even if you oversleep you can be on time.

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Set backpacks out the night before ready for a busy day with everything they need for school the next day. This prevents the rush to find where they left homework or that permission slip they needed for school. This allows them to grab lunches from the fridge and run out the door.

Organization Tips for Simple School Mornings @

Use a family calendar to keep track of important dates so that you know what needs to be done each day and appointments are not forgotten in the shuffle of a busy morning.

Create a routine chart to help your child remember what to get done each morning. Days can run much smoother. Have them mark off what they have finished and work their way down the list so everything gets done and is ready to start a new day of school. This takes the arguing with you out of the equation. The list says it is time to brush your teeth, the list says it is time to put on your shoes.

Get up before the kids so you have time to read and pray before the morning rush. A bit of time to yourself is a great way to start your day refreshed and gives you the patience you need to get the day going when the kid’s moods may not be as friendly and cheerful. You will not regret that time to wake up and start your own day right.



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