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There’s just something about the warm weather that always draws me outside. I love taking my family on picnics and during the warm weather months, we often eat outside at least once a week. Today I’m sharing a collection of summer salads perfect for picnics. Finding the perfect picnic recipes is an important part of the experience!

Originally written: July 2020. Updated June 2024.

Our family loves to enjoy the outdoors all year round. In the summer time, it’s so much fun to spend the day at a park and enjoy a picnic together.

A couple weeks ago we took Marlowe out to our county’s lake. It’s not real big and it’s often very quiet. Kind of like a secret treasure in the mountains. After our meal, Hannah and I decided to show Marlowe the water. I’d like for her to love playing with us in the lake! Marlowe is about 20 weeks old now – so she was 18 weeks when we took her for the first time.

She wasn’t too sure about the water! Hopefully as we take her more often, she’ll start to enjoy it!

We had several of our extended family members come out to the picnic and we enjoyed a very simple picnic meal. Really nothing fancy. Just some of our favorite sandwiches, this macaroni and pea salad, and fruit snacks. But it was filling and tasted good and the kids had fun!

Picnics can be as simple as you like, but having some great picnic recipes and family favorites definitely makes it more fun and memorable!

In our household, we’re vegetarian. In fact the large majority of our extended family is vegetarian as well. Sometimes I make vegetarian dinners that are just you know, naturally vegetarian. However, sometimes I take recipes that call for meat and replace the meat with a vegetarian option.

Being a vegetarian has many health benefits.

Vegetarian substitutions for meat:

You’ll find these products in the freezer aisle or health food section of your local grocery store. You can also find these products at most health food stores like Whole Foods.

46 Summer Salads Perfect for Picnics

I’m excited to share this collection of summer salads for you to look through and try. If you find a picnic recipe you love, be sure to leave and comment and let me know!

How often does your family have picnics? We have one at least once a week. I hope you enjoy this collection of picnic recipes. Summer salads are also great for serving with any meal. I hope you find one you like!

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  1. Great recipes! I look forward to trying many of them. What breed of dog is Marlowe? I have a dog who looks very similar. Thanks!

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