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The Big Book of Juices - Juicing for Health @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Note: First, I wanted to say that the book review is down at the bottom of this post. Before that I’m sharing a little more about Sarah being in the hospital. Also, for those of you doing the From Chaos to Calm: 15 Weeks to a Happy Home series, I apologize that the last two weeks the posts have been sporadic. I hope now that things are calming down, I should be able to get back to a normal schedule this week. Thank you for your patience!

A lot of you already know that the last couple of weeks have been tough around here. My daughter Sarah has Crohn’s Disease and on Saturday, September 26, in the late afternoon I received a phone call from her that she was going to the emergency room for severe pain in her abdomen. She was at work – she works at a summer camp during the summer and on weekends during the off season – close to Nashville which is about 5 – 6 hours from where we live.

I was worried, of course, but we decided to wait until we heard an update before we would drive out there. If she was only going to be there for a little while it did’t make a lot of sense to make the drive if they sent her home before we could even get there.

I kept in touch with her  throughout the whole process, and I knew a friend of mine – the camp nurse and another’s pastor wife was there with her. Sarah sent me text updates to let me know what was going on.

She didn’t tell me how severe the pain was – or I would have panicked and been in the car immediately. You know when the nurse asks you – “On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate your pain?” Her pain was at least a 10 and they ended up giving her morphine.

She called me around midnight and told me that they had decided she needed emergency surgery and she was being transferred to a bigger hospital. She had an intestinal blockage/ adhesion basically caused by the inflammation in her small intestine. The wall of her ileum had collapsed and stuck together.

I’ve never packed so quickly. My three youngest girls were already in bed and I went to wake them up and told them to get a change of clothes and a few things in their backpacks. My husband and I grabbed a few things and we all loaded into the car and drove all night to get there, nervous, praying that she would be okay.

As a mom, it’s incredibly stressful when your kids are sick, hurting, in pain. Watching her suffer was hard. I wanted to take it away and make it all better. But she had to go through some hard things before she left the hospital 8 days later. I am grateful I was able to stay with her through most all of it minus a few X-Rays and CT Scans.

I am so very thankful that she didn’t have to have surgery and that she responded well to the treatments the doctors provided. She had a team of nearly a dozen doctors working with her and all of the nurse staff – everyone was amazingly kind and helpful.

Sarah in the Hospital @ AVirtuousWoman.org


The outpouring of love from our friends in the Nashville area meant a lot to me. Mary, who drove Sarah to the emergency room stayed with her long after we arrived and I can’t even begin to express how much it meant to me that Sarah didn’t have to go through of of this alone.  Lots of friends from our extended church family and from the camp where she works came to visit. Her friends, packed her things, took care of her car, drove her car to Nashville and even filled the tank. Her boyfriend, moved to Arizona for work just a month ago and he stayed in constant contact day and night and his parents offered help where we needed it.

It’s good to be loved. 

We came home with Sarah this past weekend. She decided to stick with the liquid diet for a couple of days after we got home. She was still have some pain and digesting food wasn’t fun. Then, at 4 am on Tuesday morning Sarah and I drove back to Nashville for a 9:35 am appointment with the GI doctor who had attended to her in the hospital. It was a good day. She was feeling much better and we went out to eat at Panera Bread Co. for lunch for light meal. It was delicious. And we spent the afternoon shopping and just enjoying each other.

Panera Bread Lunch

We spent the night at her boyfriend’s parents’ house and got up early on Wednesday morning. I took her to the airport to fly out to Arizona with the doctor’s okay. The trip had been planned and plane tickets purchased a few weeks before she got sick and I was so glad she was able to go. She looked beautiful that morning – she was glowing.

Sarah at the Airport

She’ll be 21 years old in just a few days and I’m so glad she’s my girl. She’s brought me incredible joy over the years. She’s such a good girl. She’s kind and thoughtful. She’s a hard worker. She loves the Lord. She’s everything a mama could hope for in a daughter.

Juicing for Health

Sarah [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GCS37AY” locale=”US” tag=”keepersoftheirho”]purchased a NutriBullet[/easyazon_link] from Amazon.com while she was in the hospital and I also bought some more juice and smoothie recipe books.

In the past we’ve juiced lots of cabbage and carrot juice for her. Cabbage has this amazing ability to heal ulcers – even bleeding ulcers – in the stomach and intestines. Over the years cabbage juice has helped her immensely. Unfortunately, we hadn’t juiced much over the last few months for her and she’d had a lot of stress in recent weeks.

I wanted to share with the recipe books I own and love as well as the juicers I recommend. Juicing is a great way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet or to help you heal from illness or disease.

The Big Book of Juices Book Review

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  1. I am so glad Sarah is doing much better! My 20 year old daughter has colitis and has been very sick lately, it's so hard to see your children going through this. My hope and prayer is to get the right medicines to manage her symptoms and get in remission. Did juicing help your daughter? I am going to look into doing this. Blessings to you and your family.
    1. Lorraine, juicing has been very beneficial to Sarah. I think this summer we slacked on it - she usually juices at the camp, but the last few months I think she'd decided she was tired of juicing and it definitely had an effect. Not that I want to blame her because she may have had this flare regardless. However, when she was 15 she was bleeding and in a lot of pain and I started juicing cabbage for her every day and the bleeding stopped within a couple of days and we juiced regularly for the last 6 years and she had never had another bad flare until this summer. She's never been on medication until this hospital stay. Cabbage juice in particular is good for colitis and crohn's. It doesn't taste that great, but it works. I usually mix it with some carrots, but I'm interested to try this cabbage juice recipe in the book as it adds some fresh pineapple to it. When we first started juicing cabbage for her, she was drinking about a quart of cabbage juice - or one small head of juice a day until we were sure the bleeding ulcer had healed. Then, we would juice maybe a quarter head about once a week, but she would have benefited I think from more frequent juicing. This year though, I really think she was tired of it and slacked off a lot, so that she was juicing once every now and then - maybe weeks or months in between. She's not home a lot. :( Sarah also has taken digestive enzymes every time she eats - you can find Papaya Enzymes in the vitamin section of any pharmacy/ Wal-mart. And she would take Dr. Schulze's herbal Digestive Tonic if she had nausea or and cramping. She also eats a mostly vegan, gluten free diet which I am sure has helped. If your body is sick, you really only need to put the very best ingredients inside it. I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, let me know. God bless you!
  2. Hi Melissa, thank you for the video and for sharing the process you went through with Sarah. She is so young and smily, even after going through all that so recently... This blog remembered me about another one I have been reading (http://www.dehappy5.com/) about a Mom fighting for her children´s health, she uses a lot of smoothies! Reading a daily prayer, 7 September scripture memory was: "Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent." Revelation 3:19. We learn much more during difficult times, about our strength, about the love that surround us, about how we need God. That's why God sometimes may use disease or other afflictions to help us grow. What do you think/feel about this? I pray for Sarah and all your family to have a calm recovery time now.
  3. I have just recently begun to learn the power of juicing even though I have had a juicer for 20 years! I got a new one for Christmas and hope to make it a regular part of my diet. I have also started cutting back on my meat consumption although I si not think I will ever be totally vegetarian. I do remember reading about Chrohn’s disease in the Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. Great book.

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