Free Printable Sermon Notes Binder for Summer

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Taking notes during the weekly sermon at church is a great way to remember what was said! Today I’m sharing a fun summer binder to print: my free printable sermon notes binder for summer. This free printable has space for date, Scripture reference, and thoughts. It also includes a page for prayer requests and two pages for recording daily Bible readings.

Taste and See that the Lord is Good Sermon Notes Binder @

Have you ever been sitting in church and found yourself lost in thought, your mind wandering, and you’re not paying attention? As a pastor’s wife, I’ve sat through countless sermons and meetings – whether it’s my husband preaching or another speaker. Taking sermon notes is one way I keep my mind on track.

Taking notes when the pastor is preaching can be super helpful in your spiritual walk. Notes can help you remember what was said during the sermon and can help you dig in for further study during the week. And, taking notes while listening to a sermon helps your mind stay focused on what is being preached.

Sermon Notes & Why They are Helpful

Taking notes during church is a great way to stay focused and be really think about what the pastor has to say. It also helps you remember lessons, ideas, and scriptures that can help you apply them in your life.

My free printable Sermon Notes Binder helps you take notes easily while listening at church so that when the sermon ends all of your thoughts are organized into notes with relevant scriptures.

This makes it super simple for you to write down anything you felt God speaking to you during the message instead of forgetting the message an hour later.

Good preaching is more than just inspiring. A good sermon can change hearts! Taking notes on the sermon will help you stay engaged and leave reminders for reflection later in the week.

The goal when taking sermon notes at church is not necessary to write down everything the pastor says. You can always go back and listen to it again later (or even transcribe it) if your church records them.

A more helpful way to take sermon notes is to summarize the important parts and pay attention to how the points are organized. The main points of the sermon are usually what’s most important to remember. When you focus on them, then you can think about the impactful insights, practical applications, and follow-up questions.

Much like a journal entry, your sermon notes can provide you with information on what you were learning during various times in your life. Having the date and name of the person who is speaking can be helpful when looking through your notes at a later time.

Challenging yourself to sum up the sermon can help you remember what was said. Think of a sentence that sums up what it was about, the main point, and what your biggest takeaway was.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what your sermon notes look like, how neat they are, or even if they fully reflect the pastor’s message. When you take notes during a sermon, your goal is to impress everyone with your notes but to allow God’s Word to transform your heart and mind. The goal is really to become more like Jesus!

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Free Printable Sermon Notes Binder

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