Thanking Your Husband and Showing Appreciation

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Proverbs 31 tells us that the heart of the virtuous woman’s husband could safely trust in her. Today we’re looking how important showing your husband appreciation and thanking your husband is for your marriage.

5 Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Being thankful for all the things he does each day to care for and provide for your family is important! I’m sharing 5 ways to show your husband appreciation below!

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” Proverbs 31:11

Thanking Your Husband

Are you thankful for your husband?

Your husband goes out each day and does his best to provide a home, food, clothing, and more for you and your family. Unfortunately, a lot women don’t really appreciate what their husbands do for them. Instead of showing your husband appreciation, do you find yourself focusing on the negative things he does or doesn’t do?

When you first met the man you eventually married, I would bet that you only saw the good stuff and brushed off the bad telling yourself that those things didn’t really matter anyway. We all do it. That’s why they say love is blind! But then, once marriage comes and the honeymoon wears off those negative irritants which seemed so small before become great big nuisances.

It’s time to reclaim the good and let go of the bad. Show how much you appreciate what he does do – even if you feel he could being doing more – by thanking your husband in different ways for being so good to you.

Being thankful is one way you can show your husband how much you appreciate him. Tell him thank you on a regular basis. Show your husband that you appreciate what he does by doing thoughtful things for him – offering to rub his back after a hard day at work, bringing him fresh lemonade when he’s out mowing the grass, or making his favorite meal.

5 Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Husband’s are not that hard to please. A clean house, well mannered children, some good food and a pleasant wife are really all it takes to show most men that you appreciate what he is doing and that you love him. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Being thankful and showing your husband appreciation is part of respecting him. Spoil him! He deserves it!

5 Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation

#1 Send him sweet text messages. My husband loves it when I say nice things to him. He wants to hear how great I think he is! Sending your husband sweet text messages is one way you can let him know how much you love him. And thanking your husband for something he did in different ways will show him you appreciate him. You can grab my free printable Sweet Text Messages here.

#2 Make his favorite meal. All men have that one dish they absolutely love. Whatever it is, set aside an evening to make his favorite meal and serve it to him with a smile. You might want to get a baby sitter or let it be a family affair. It’s also a sweet gesture to ask your husband what meals he’d like for you to include in your weekly menu plan!

#3 Say thank you. When he does something thoughtful be sure to let him know you appreciate it. But also remember to tell him thank you for doing those everyday things that often go unnoticed – like chopping wood, building a fire, taking out the trash, or even when he helps you in the kitchen. Thanking your husband isn’t hard, you just have to take a moment to say the words!

#4 Learn his love language. Whether he appreciates thoughtful words or needs physical touch to feel loved, learn about his love language and then practice loving him! You can read Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages to get started.

#5 Clean something meaningful to him. Whether that means detailing the car, having his old letter jacket dry cleaned, or polishing his model car collection, you can show your husband appreciation by caring for those things he cares about.

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Do you ever feel like your marriage is in a rut? Or maybe things have been tough lately and you and your husband are struggling to keep communication open and resentment at bay. Maybe you wish things weren’t always so hard.

Well, you can’t change your husband – only God can do that – but you certainly can work on yourself and in turn maybe he’ll take notice of your efforts and return the favor!

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  1. I know I should just ignore this whole post but I can’t. Kindness in a marriage goes both ways. I have the (much) better paying jiob, benefits, and stress that goes with it. He vacuumed the living room last night. I will thank him for it if I think of it. Except all the other house hold chores tend to fall on my lap. And likely I will be too busy with that. Today he will cook spaghetti and I will make salads. On days he works or I work - I do it All. We don’t pay for fancy phones and don’t text. We work opposing shifts. I seem to be hearing the “wifes be submissive to your husband “ “house wife of the 50s” vibe here. Well mannered children!? Really? If both parents do no set the example and enforce them they will not learn. Not JUST Mom’s job. Then again I am not a pastors wife. I married an atheist. I am a church attending Christian, but I see things from a way different perspective than you do.
    1. Hi Marie, I understand what you're saying - showing appreciation absolutely goes both ways. However, I don't write for men. I never said husbands shouldn't appreciate their wives or that they shouldn't be helpful. I have written about emotional abuse and anger in marriage from husbands and it's definitely a problem. Sometimes husbands are thoughtless. I am a stay at home mom and always have been and I have done most of the hands on training of the kids. If your husband is gone all day and you are the one teaching the children all day long every day, you have a lot of influence. That doesn't mean the husband doesn't have a responsibility as well. I'm only speaking from a wife's perspective. And certainly anything I say isn't gospel - only a suggestion for you to take or to leave. I know wives who do very little and the husbands do most everything. It can certainly go both ways. Marriage should be a partnership.
    2. I think that it's hard to live with a man who doesn't do his fair share of the parenting and domestic labor. Admonishing yourself because you can't feel grateful and pleasant for a husband's delight each day doesn't mean you're falling short. Your life is not defined by your husband's perceptions of you. Your experience--your own subjective thoughts and feelings define your experience life--which is a gift but it has teeth. And that's okay. So if you aren't experiencing gratitude towards your husband, please don't beat yourself up about this. We're born with feelings for a reason. It sounds like negotiating a more equitable division of child carework and domestic labor would be one excellent way to reestablish a connective emotional partnership (rather than a performance of patriarchal gender roles) with your husband.
  2. Thanks so much for what you do. Sounds crazy but wish these things were available 25 plus years ago. Even with how many years and busy life we all need reminders. Life changes and life gets in the way. Especially when we each work full time and health issues. We all need reminders or I do. Life is about sharing, caring and such. Yet their are roles that only he does and vise versa. More I could say but time for work. Blessings to all.

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