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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to share a big list of 100 ways to love your husband. Of course, you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to practice these ideas – they should be a part of your every day married life!

100 Ways to Love Your Husband @ AVirtuousWoman.org

There are so many ways to love your husband. Whether it’s a big gesture that takes a lot of planning or a simple action such as smiling at the right time, either one can show him how much you love him.

Out of all the ways to love your husband, I believe there are more important choices than others. Praying for your husband and supporting him are some of the most important ways you can love your husband. At the same time, this is also pleasing to God.

If you would like some inspiration for ways to love your husband, this list is encouraging and insightful.

100 Ways to Love Your Husband

  1. Pray for him
  2. Support him in his endeavors
  3. Be patient with him
  4. Make his favorite meal
  5. Learn his love language
  6. Don’t play mind games
  7. Show genuine interest in the things he likes
  8. Don’t belittle him, especially in front of others
  9. Let go of the small stuff
  10. Make him laugh
  11. Don’t make a big decision without him
  12. Give him alone time, without kids
  13. Focus on his positives, not his negatives
  14. Don’t let family members or friends talk bad about him
  15. Let a date be free of serious discussion and full of fun
  16. Be thoughtful and do something special to show your love
  17. Admit when you’re wrong and don’t just expect him to say you’re right
  18. Don’t get so busy that you don’t have time for him
  19. Give him a back massage
  20. Send cute messages while he’s at work
  21. Don’t expect him to fix something he can’t fix
  22. Don’t blame everything on him when something goes wrong
  23. Don’t yell at him, have a calm discussion
  24. Voice that you’re proud of him
  25. Be quiet, just enjoy his company
  26. Don’t push him when he’s in a bad mood
  27. Help him realize and reach his dreams
  28. Don’t expect him to be perfect
  29. Don’t over analyze everything he says
  30. Watch sports with him
  31. Let him teach you
  32. Let him have guy time without making him feel guilty
  33. Don’t downgrade the job he has
  34. Give him random kisses
  35. Give him random hugs
  36. Don’t talk over him
  37. Don’t look at your phone while he’s talking to you
  38. Dress up once in a while to look your best just for him
  39. Don’t mock him, especially to others
  40. Get him something he’s always wanted
  41. Bring him a special snack home when you’re at the store
  42. Make his favorite dessert
  43. Don’t bombard him with a ton of stuff after he just got home from work
  44. Respect his decisions
  45. Don’t ignore him when he’s talking to you, angry or not
  46. Back him up when others come against him
  47. Don’t question him unless it’s in private
  48. Pay attention and rejoice with him when he tells you something exciting
  49. Don’t bring up mistakes that are in the past
  50. Don’t compare him to other men
  51. Don’t gripe when he asks for help
  52. Don’t belittle him if he asks for help
  53. Don’t make being tired a competition
  54. Let him sleep in on days off
  55. Don’t make him do embarrassing things
  56. Don’t treat him like a child, treat him like an equal
  57. Leave notes for him around the house or in his lunch
  58. Initiate being intimate first, instead of him
  59. Laugh at his jokes
  60. Listen when he’s talking to you
  61. Don’t act like you’re smarter than him
  62. Comfort him when he’s getting upset
  63. Understand that he’s a man and will think differently than you
  64. Don’t expect him to guess at why you’re mad
  65. Don’t give him the silent treatment
  66. Don’t make him go to sleep with you angry
  67. Don’t bring up stressful subjects right before he leaves for work
  68. Accept his apology, don’t throw it back in his face
  69. Randomly thank him for all he does
  70. Simply tell him how much you adore him
  71. Don’t make him jump through hoops to get your forgiveness
  72. Be grateful and appreciative of the gifts he gets you
  73. Don’t correct him in front of people
  74. Be the first to say you’re sorry
  75. Ask him if there’s anything you can do to help him in general
  76. Don’t fill his weekends with a bunch of busy work
  77. Don’t volunteer him for things without asking
  78. Serve him first at the dinner table
  79. Hold his hand in public places
  80. Listen to his advice
  81. Don’t get mad when he tries to fix something you were just complaining about
  82. Compliment him
  83. Get into one of his hobbies with him
  84. Don’t share what he tells you in confidence
  85. Cuddle him
  86. Look him in the eyes and smile, purposefully throughout the day
  87. Tell him why you love him
  88. Take care of him when he’s sick
  89. Get him his coffee in the morning
  90. Play with his hair
  91. Touch his face tenderly
  92. Teach your children to respect him
  93. Don’t get mad if he expresses emotions, he has feelings too
  94. If he makes an effort to spruce up for you, tell him how handsome he is
  95. If he makes a mistake, don’t chastise to him
  96. Don’t nag him
  97. Run some errands for him he hasn’t been able to fit in
  98. Watch one of his favorite movies with him you wouldn’t normally watch
  99. Make him a special breakfast or breakfast in bed
  100. Don’t jump to conclusions and accuse him

You can definitely take some of these ideas and expand them to fit you and the relationship you have with your husband. Not all marriages are the same however, many of these should be universal and fit across the board. The options that don’t, should still be able to be adjusted to fit into a marriage. Some of these ideas may even help you come up with your own ideas in order to show your husband just how much you love him. In turn, you can show him how much God truly loves him as well.

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100 Ways to Love Your Husband @ AVirtuousWoman.org

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  1. Thanks for putting this list in a print out. I got to #44 before my mind began to blur! I use that print out for reference and shall some tips with my contacts. I'm just wondering how long it took to come up with 100 good advice tips? Impressive!
  2. Melissa, I have changed computers and lost the free 100 ways to love your husband list. I have an online friend coming from out of state to my home to take a break from emotional abuse and I would love another copy of your list. I am building up a set of resources for her to take home after I minister to her. May I? Sorry to ask but am retired and bucks are getting tighter every year. ty. Diane Kerchner
    1. I sent you an email. However, I do want to say that if your friend is suffering from emotional abuse, loving her husband more (or better) is NOT the answer. She needs help from a professional and away from her husband. Marriage counseling is not recommended as long as abuse is going on. She can't make him stop by being a better wife. :)

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