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Today I’m sharing this post from a few years ago.

Well, today is Sunday. Which for me, generally means, getting the house back in shape if I am behind – which, today I am very behind. We spent nearly everyday last week working in the garden/ yard. I’ll share pictures of that later! I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my life! Well, physically, anyway. Thankfully I have no pulled muscles and seem to be no worse for the wear.

I like being at home. Today it is raining – a true blessing because that means that whatever work is still awaiting me outside will have to wait until another day. That means I can devote the entire day to puttering around the house, cleaning, and making my home a haven for my family. Sometimes I use Sundays for rearranging things and “re-decorating” the house. I look forward to Sundays.

Today, we will be getting the house back in order after not just one week, but two weeks of being outside or just out of the house. It is unusual for me to be gone, but the week before last, I had appointments everyday of the week! I am in need of some home rejuvenation. So, how do I go from chaos to calm in less than a day?

How to Go from Chaos to Calm in Less Than a Day

This is only for the determined spirit, believe me! If you are easily distracted or overwhelmed, be sure to ask God for self-discipline and strength. A messy house is depressing. You will feel much, much better when it is all done! Believe me, I know!

1. Gather up the children.

2. Turn off the internet, television, video games, and any other distraction that may keep you and your children preoccupied.

3. Decide which room to begin with. I like to begin with the kitchen/ dining area of my home.

4. Assign each child a task within the room or just bark er, nicely give orders to the children such as:

  • “Put this away.”
  • “Scrub this wall, here is the cleaner and the Magic Eraser.”
  • “Dust this book shelf.”
  • “Quickly!”
  • “Let’s move!”

Anyway, you get the idea. Don’t let anyone finish a job without it being immediately replaced with a new one and don’t let one child work intentionally slow. Be sure to follow up with lots of praise!

5. Complete one room before moving to the next.

I generally save bedrooms for last and then we will either all clean each others rooms together or I will have the children work on their own space. Even the messiest rooms will be whipped into shape within 15 – 30 minutes if everyone works together and works efficiently.

I plan to have a “Ice Cream Sundae Bar” tonight to celebrate the hard work and the clean house! Maybe we’ll even enjoy a movie night and some scrapbooking….


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  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea! Sundays are my days to get caught up with the house as well. Today was actually spent outside all day working, planting and making that look good. I hate to say the inside of my house isn't in the greatest of shape right now! I did go through and organize my refrig freezer and my deep freeze today and I kept the laundry going.
    I'd love to participate in the weeks to come!
  2. Thank you and amen. Nice to hear another mom say it is everyones job to clean the home not just mom. I love being home with my kids. Love to cook and garden but, cleaning can sometimes feel overwhelming. It really helps when eveyone pitches in. :) Mondays for us are stay home days when we get the house back in shape after the weekend.
    -God bless
  3. I like this - I have been thinking about our Sunday's recently.... something else to chew on
  4. Well...I love the idea, but looking at my kitchen, I'm already depressed! We just came back from a business/family trip and I think every random scrap of paperwork, kid's drawing, receipt, to do list, lego piece, and whatever landed in my kitchen. I don't mind scrubbing the floor, washing windows, dusting the cabinet tops, but I have the hardest time organizing all the little stuff. So, I'm stuck before I start. When I do start, maybe I'll start with the living room and as we go around the house move all the random papers and stuff that doesn't have a home into the kitchen, then only one room will be a disaster! Thanks for your website; I've really enjoyed it.
    1. Katherine, you could get a box and put all the stuff that doesn't belong in the kitchen in it. Then, choose a time/ day and go through the junk and make a decision about what to do with each thing. Sometimes the trash is the best way to go! Otherwise, file each piece of paper where they go. Put the receipts in your receipt box - (my husband bought a scanner and scans all of our receipts right onto the pc.) Often, making a decision is the hardest part!
  5. I live alone, so no one to help! My grand babies come and mess up, then leave. I really have to start making the 3 yo clean up after herself. (One thing, if you're a pastor's wife, how do you get to stay home on Sunday? Sorry for being nitpicky! Just curious!)

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