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Foods You Can Freeze to Save Money + Free Printable

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I am a huge fan of buying items on good sales, and then turning around and freezing them for later use! I have gathered some great foods you can freeze to save you money each month!

Foods You can Freeze to Save You Money @ AVirtuousWoman.org

If you find a food you eat regularly on sale for buy one get one free, stock up! It is a great way to maximize savings, and stock that freezer of yours!

Plus, at the bottom of this post you’ll find a free printable Foods You Can Freeze cheat sheet!

Foods that You Can Freeze To Save You Money

You can use a food saver system – it vacuum packs the foods, and you can freeze items up to five times longer. You can do bread, cheese, fruits, rice, and much more. It is a great way to ensure your foods are vacuum packed, and you can ensure the food won’t get freezer burnt. Just follow the guidelines of how long items last when stored in the food saver bags and you will be just fine. If you don’t have a Food Saver you can still freeze items, it just won’t be for as long as a time.

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It’s important to keep track of what foods you have in the freezer because if you don’t use the food you aren’t saving money.

Things You Can Freeze to Save Money


Just prepackage it into serving sizes for you and your family when you bring it home. Then, you can thaw just what you need, and none will go to waste!


Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are the times to find the best deals on butter! I always buy at the low price and freeze for later. Works great just let it thaw and your ready to bake!

Milk and Buttermilk

The small circle indents on the side of the gallon of milk, are for milk expansion when it is frozen! When you freeze it, just let thaw and then shake really well before you open it. It will mix it really well. You can do the same with buttermilk!

Chocolate Chips and Nuts

Both of these are great for freezing, and when you open them up, they are nice and fresh! You can even toss in frozen chocolate chips to cookie recipes, and they will bake the same.


This is a bit controversial, on will it crumble after or not. If you freeze a block of cheese, make sure to allow it to thaw completely before you put it in the fridge. This will help it not to fall apart when you go to cut it.


You have to know when you freeze fruit, it will become a bit mushy, so these are great to use in smoothies, cobblers, and other forms of baking! To freeze, spread out the fruit on a baking dish, and let it freeze well, then place in bags. If you make smoothies, consider making individual bags so they are ready to go!

Baked Goods

If you like to buy store bought cookies or prefer to make homemade, both freeze great. Even cakes, pies and more. It makes for a quick dessert, for unexpected company or when you find a craving for something sweet.


Consider making a big batch of soup like chili and freezing part of it. This is a great way to create a meal for another time, and it reheats beautifully! You can do this with other dishes like tater tot casserole, enchiladas, and more. For casseroles just prep the dish, and freeze before you bake, and then bake like you normally would, if not thawed, it will take longer to cook.

Foods You can Freeze to Save You Money @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Mashed Potatoes

Have leftover potatoes? Freeze it, and it can last up to two months in the freezer! Just thaw and cook and enjoy for another dish down the line!

Bread, Pita, Tortillas

All of these homemade or store bought freeze well! We love to buy these items on a good sale and then toss in the freezer. It is quick and easy, and when it thaws it will be just as soft as the day you bought it!

Corn on the Cob

Freeze corn on the cob easily! Just toss in a bag and freeze, with the husks and silk on the corn. Then toss in the microwave for five minutes and it will cook perfectly. Or thaw and then remove husks and silk and cook on the grill!

Onions and Peppers

Dice up and then toss in a freezer bag, and use for soups, casseroles and more. The peppers and onions will have a soggy texture, so not great for eating plain once frozen!

Tomato Based Items

Tomato sauce, pasta sauce, diced tomatoes and more. All are great for packing in individual packages and freeze it in bags. Then thaw and use in your dishes! Tomato based items go on sale often, so it is nice buying in bulk and saving some money!

Chips, Crackers, Pretzels

All of these are great to freeze! I know it sounds weird but they freeze beautifully! Let them thaw and you have crispy chips waiting for you!

Once a Month Meals

Families often struggle to cook healthy food and eat meals together on a regular basis. Once A Month Meals membership teaches and provides resources and menus for your family to freeze meals ahead of time so that you never have to plan daily meals ever again.

They have so many great menus and recipes available for your freezer that I know you’ll love!

Resources for Freezing

Free Printable List of Foods You Can Freeze

Foods You can Freeze to Save You Money @ AVirtuousWoman.org

How to Download

This list of foods you can freeze to save you money is also available in a free printable you can download! Just fill out the form below and you’ll receive the list in your email box.


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