It’s Campmeeting Time Again

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May is one of the busiest months of my entire year. In fact over the next two week all I will be focusing on is the preparation of my program for the Primaries at Campmeeting. On May 17th or 18th I will be heading over to Portland Tennessee for two weeks to set up and then teach our 21 classes to 90 – 120 children.

Last year was soooo much fun. Mykal and I had a blast. The program I wrote was called Out of Egypt and we had an absolute blast. My husband grew out his beard and was Moses. (He still has the beard and it is much longer now…. which has to do with the Kid’s Time television program that he was invited to do a part on the Bible Story segment. The kids and I were “extras” in the background. It was a lot of fun! Anyway, we are going again, hence why he is still growing out the beard and looks like he has been in the mountains of Southeast Kentucky a little too long, hee hee.)

Here are a few highlights from last year:

That is my husband above as Moses.

In front of this backdrop we took pictures of each child standing like an Egyptian and had them printed out and given to the children before they went home from campmeeting. The well you see there was built by a wonderfully handy man for me and painted by some talented young ladies. It is cut out on top and I used one of those big blue tubs you can get at Wal-Mart and filled it with water.

The “sand” on the back drops was sponge painted. And I used the acrylic paints to paint the pyramids and camel as well other things which are not pictured here.

You can see Pastor John here – he was a Hebrew slave as was I. The tent was purchased at Wal-Mart and then, I used the donated sheets to make the walls of the tent and secured them with lots of safety pins. To dye the white sheets, I took brown paint, watered it down and dunked the sheets one by one then laid them out in the grass and sunshine to dry. The “sky” on the backdrops was a brilliant idea from my campmeeting coordiantor – we used blue construction chalk and a paint brush. Just sprinkle it on and brush! Perfect and super easy!!

Here you see Pastor Brian as the evil Pharoah (he is a really tall man)! The kids loved it! You can sorta see inside the tent – I got a bunch of kinda ugly knits donated from a kind lady at the Woodbury, TN church. We used these by cutting them into lengths to look like blankets and covered the floor of the tent. We also made a cool looking fire (which I will be reusing this year) out of big rocks and some sticks that I had pastor’s kids gather during Camp Pitch and a spot light with a red bulb. It really looked all lit up!

This was the school principal’s son – he really got into the program! Sooo cute!

So, for this year I wrote a program called Adventures with Jesus. Our theme is around the Adventurer Club. We will be decorating the room like a forest/ campout. Last year, I made my own palm trees – 14 of them and designed my own fronds out of felt – my daughters and I sewed like 123 of them. The trunks of the palm trees were donated old carboard carpet rolls which we covered in burlap and the stands were made from scrap lumber. One of the pastors cut little blocks for the tops of the carpet rolls, nailed them in and drilled holes for each palm frond. The palm fronds had a little pocket sewn into each one where I put 12 gauge wire lengths that another pastor’s wife cut out for me. This meant we could bend and shape them. Perfect! The trees were wonderful and I am still using them to this day in my own churches here in Southeast Kentucky. This year, we purchased 16 Christmas trees after Christmas from Wal-mart. Just like last year, I have asked for donations of old bed sheets from hotels, which I will be sewing together to create our back drop for the room which has 12 ft. high ceilings and is 35′ x 47′. You can see the backdrops I created last year in the picture above. Actually, I was saved by another pastor’s wife – I am forever indebted to her because when I got there last year the room was bigger than I had envisioned and I had not originally planned on sewing them together. Thankfully, I had brought my sewing machine! She came over and asked if I needed help – she saved me from utter humiliation!! She sewed them all together and made it look seamless – beautiful!!

So, I am hoping to get these sheets sewn up just as beautifully. I will be doing the construction chalk sky again. Also, painting green grass and great big pine trees on the backdrops. We will have a camping tent, a picnic table, camping accessories, a little creek with river rocks, pine needles all over the floor, and more. I can hardly wait to see it all come to life!

I will definitely be sharing more about this in the weeks to come! If you live in the Nashville, TN/ Portland, TN area, you should come see me at campmeeting!

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  1. What a lot of work but it looks fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures and read about this years program.

    Praying for blessings this year and a great revival!
  2. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.
    I just found your blog! You have a lot of interesting things to read. I will have to come back and visit again to read it all.
    Keep up the great work and may God bless you in your work.
  3. melissa,
    where do you get the music for your page? is it a cd and if so what is the name of it? my dad plays in a gorup at church and this would make a great father's day gift for him. thanks :-)


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