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We arrived home around 3 am on Sunday night. I can’t tell you how good it felt to crawl into my own bed!

Campmeeting was wonderful – as always! We were gone for 14 days. I have been recuperating for the last three days catching up on sleep and housework. My husband and I teach the Primary class at our campmeeting. This year’s theme was “The Parables of Jesus.” We had sooo much fun! I was so excited during the Camp Pitch (setting up) that I couldn’t sleep for three nights straight! During one of those long nights I came up with my theme for next year! I am so excited I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year! We’ll be doing “The Church in the Wilderness” and learn about the Waldenses and different martyrs through the centuries. The set will be a medieval/ forest theme and we’ll wear medieval costumes.

Anyway, so for this year the set was a Bible Marketplace. It turned out even better than I had hoped. I really hated to tear it down!

Here are some photos of the finished set:

This is a picture of the “stone” building. It turned out so realistic looking!

Here is a photo of part of the “marketplace.” You can see the beautiful donkey cart that was built for me. My husband built the booths out of small tree trunks.

We had a food market in the donkey cart and the little table behind it. There was also a spice/herb shop and a basket shop. On the other side of the donkey cart is a blanket shop. My four girls painted the amazing “stone” floor for me and they even did the “stone” wall and sky on the backdrop!

This is a photo of the front of the room. The well has real water in it!

When the children first came in the room they walked right into this tent which housed the registration table.

We had a mountain and cave that the children had to walk through to get to the bathroom. We put a glowing purple light inside the cave.

Some of the highlights during the program – we learned the Jewish “Hora” dance.” The kids signed up for a “Talent Show” for the last Friday afternoon after learning the parable of “The Ten Talents.” On the last Friday night we had the parable of “The Wedding Feast.” Afterward we had a real Jewish Wedding feast. I spent the afternoon making:

Matzo Ball Soup
Potato Latkes
A Wedding Cake

We had a blast working with kids. I am looking forward to next year!

Here is a slideshow of us setting up the stage. I took the photos, so you won’t see much of me!

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