Breakfast in Bed

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My sweet daughters made me breakfast in bed.

So, this is has been a really sweet mother’s day. I didn’t sleep in late despite my deepest desire to do so, but when I woke up at 7:00 am my brain was plagued by all of the things I needed to get done on A Virtuous Woman before I leave for campmeeting in two weeks. I decided to spend a few hours working on my laptop in bed.

My husband, who was already working in his office, came down and greeted me with a kiss and a gift. A little while later I heard the girls busy in the kitchen. Traditionally for the last few years the girls have made me breakfast in bed, which is always just too sweet. So I knew better than to go in the kitchen! Today’s presentation of food was especially pretty. I forgot to take the photo until after I had already begun to eat! It was delicious!

I am so blessed to have such sweet children. Truly blessed.

On the menu:

– Banana Pancakes with Apple Syrup

– Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

– Vegetarian Bacon Strips

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