Laundry Buckets

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Getting Kids to Help with the Laundry | A Virtuous Woman

I have four girls still at home. We have a lot of laundry. There are two ways I make laundry chores easier for myself are:

  1. My two teen daughters do their own laundry. They have set days. Sarah’s laundry  day is Sunday and Emily’s is Monday.This means I have less to do. And they cannot complain to me if something is not washed.
  2. My two younger daughters have laundry buckets. When I fold their clothes, I place them in these handy dandy buckets which are labeled with their names. Then, they can easily carry the laundry up stairs to their room. The bucket is really just a re-purposed large sized dishpan.
Getting Kids to Help with the Laundry | A Virtuous Woman
Laundry is one of those chores that kids can definitely help with! Don’t feel bad about assigning your older children to the task of washing laundry and even younger kids can help fold.

If you are particular about the “right way” to fold clothes, have your children work alongside of you while you do the laundry. They can learn.

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  1. I love that idea of the bucket for a laundry basket! I'm trying to think about how I can get my littles (3 & 5) to work on putting away their own laundry - this looks manageable! Thanks for the idea!
  2. I love the laundry bucket idea!!! 2 of my kids are old enough to put their laundry away....Son 5, Daughter 3 I usually just give them piles and they put them away I may try the bucket trick. ragstagsandbags.blogspot.com
  3. I do that as well and it works wonderfully! My girls are 7&9. I started around Halloween of last year and so I played trick-or-treat with them. Now those are our key words to signify laundry time. They love coming back for more.

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