Love is Patient, Love is Kind

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 So, yesterday was my sweet hubby’s birthday. Last year for his 60th birthday the whole family snuck into our basement and we totally surprised him with an Angry Birds themed birthday party. It was so funny because we had to make up an excuse to get him out of the house so all 15 of us (including six babies and toddlers) into the house and out of sight and quiet!

When he finally arrived home, I went upstairs to “trick” him into going into the basement. Well, he was exhausted after a full day of church work and he just wanted to go relax in bed – and he started to undress! Frantic, I told him the sink in the laundry room was leaking. He put on his robe and trudged down the stairs.

He was surprised for sure! It was the first and only time I have managed to pull off anything that fun for a birthday party.

Anyway, so this year we didn’t really have a party. Actually, I just didn’t have time. Instead we watched a movie in bed and snuggled. And then we went to get hay after school. The girls all made really sweet handmade birthday cards for Mykal and he really loved them. They are all so creative!

I did want to share Emily’s card with you because it was unique and funny. She watched a video on youtube on how to fold a 12 x 12 piece of paper into a cube.

Here’s what the cube looked like all folded up and with a bow:

gag gift for dad | A Virtuous Woman

And here’s what she wrote inside the box. The box, of course, was empty! 🙂


So we all got a good laugh at that one. No, my kids don’t get an allowance. They work for their money.


Here’s another free printable you might enjoy for Valentine’s Day. Love is patient, love is kind… that really says it all, doesn’t it? Enjoy!
Love is patient, love is kind - free printable | A Virtuous Woman

You can download the above image here. Print and frame. I hope you like it!

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