The view from my back porch this morning…

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…was incredibly beautiful. Despite the fact that this winter has been unseasonably warm, and we are used to getting snow every week during the winter… yesterday it snowed and snowed. I think we got about five inches or so accumulated.

 This was the view from my back porch as the sun was coming up this morning. Gorgeous! See the pink and white mountains with the clouds resting on top?
Here is the same view about an hour later:
What you can’t see in this photo is that the little town of Harlan is just below the tree line there in the valley.

The girls went sledding yesterday afternoon and are currently out there enjoying the snow and their sleds. Hmm. They asked for a carrot and some raisins – to build a snowman, I suspect.

Here’s me, the height of fashion wearing pink, green, and blue stripped pajama bottoms, a green and brown flannel shirt, and green muck boots – standing on the back porch with Lucy who looks like she is kissing Charlie, the next door neighbor’s pup. Lucy is our sweet, sad little dog. She’s mostly blind and deaf (and dumb.)  Charlie likes to spend her days at my house. See how she’s sitting on the porch next to me, like she belongs??? That’s okay, we like Charlie. You can also see some of our firewood ready to be burnt up today.

Here’s my husband scraping the snow off the rental car so he can go visit his brother Steve in ICU this morning: (No, he wasn’t too keen on my taking his photo, hehe.)

So while I was standing there taking pictures of Mykal, I noticed over next to the driveway, my first flowers of spring peeking out of the snow!

Hannah and Laura have been spending warm days building this fort:

They have a lot more planned for their fort, but it stayed pretty dry in there:

Here is our little bridge that leads over the path to the fort:

One of these days maybe there will be a little fish pond under the bridge!

And finally here are some more random pictures from around my yard:



When I made it back to the porch to come inside, Charlie was still there saying, “Welcome back!”

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