My Favorite Planner Accessories

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My Favorite Planner Accessories @ #planners #planneraddicts #thisismylife #lifeplanner

“This is My Life” Planner

So, I’ve been using my “This is My Life” Planner for a year now. I know I’m a little biased – but really, this is the only planner that has ever worked for my CRAZY BUSY MOM LIFEstyle!

I’ve loved the look of other planners in the past. I’ve tried to use them. But the truth is… my day mostly focusing around home. I have weekly appointments, places to go, things to do, but I don’t usually have more than a few appointments in one day. And I need reminders for a lot of things – not just a bunch of blank boxes that don’t tell me what I need to do. That’s why I’m super excited about my new 2015 planner. I love and still love the 52 week planner. But combining the monthly calendar with the 52 week planner was a great idea. I’m in love with it already and January’s not even here yet!

"This is My Life" 2015 Planner is PERFECT for busy moms! @ #thisismylife #planners

I’ve already had so much fun writing in January’s agenda and adding stickers and other embellishments. Let’s face it. I’m more likely to use my planner and be organized if I feel happy every time I open it’s pages. Can anyone relate?

For years I told myself I should be practical. I’d print black white dull, ordinary sheets full of boxes and blank spaces for me to fill out. I might use them for a few weeks at best. Not only did the style not work for me, but neither did the design.

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In 2013 I knew I needed a change. I knew I needed something in my life that would motivate me on a daily basis to stick to it. That’s why “This is My Life” Planners are so fun and cheerful – and helpful!

Remember how we’ve talked about how discouragement can lead to clutter? When you feel happy, everything else – your home, your family – reaps the benefits. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite accessories and tools to use with my planner that brighten my day.

{These are all products I have purchased and use.}

My Favorite Planner Accessories

Pens, Pencils, and Markers

I use sticker tabs for marking the months. The Post-It Pocket is used in the very back on the inside of the back cover to hold receipts. I use the laminator for all kinds of things. I love my laminator! You can make custom, wet-erase sheets for your planner with the laminator. Simply use a Sharpie or Wet-Erase Marker and wipe off with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. You might like to use my free weekly to do list and laminate it! I also use the 1/8 hole punch to add these custom sheets right to my spiral bound planner!

I also like to corner punch my pages when I laminate to avoid those sharp corners after cutting. You could also use any of your favorite stickers… think about the holidays, themes in your life, birthdays… any type of sticker will dress up your planner!

I use pencils to fill in the monthly editorial calendar in my Blog Planner – because things change! I love being able to erase my writing and these Mirado Black Warrior Pencils are my favorite!

Free Planner Stickers to Print

I like to print out planner stickers onto Avery Sticker Sheets. Then I can cut them out and use them in my planner! Here’s a list of free planner stickers you can print:

What are your favorite planner accessories?

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  1. I am in a different season of life than you are. I am 74, have had brain surgery after a fall. I need a planner that will help me to remember things I need to do,and stay on top of my life. Can you point me in a direction. I am not able to I need to be able to order it. Thanks for any help you can offer.
    1. Carolyn, the Basic Planner would probably suit your needs: If you don't want to print it on your own computer and printer you can purchase the pre-printed version here: I hope that helps! God bless you!
  2. I love a good planner. I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays at 9AM eastern time :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.
  3. I am pinning this to refer back to for new planner accessories! I'm excited to try some new stuff to stay organized. I would love if you linked this up to Totally Terrific Tuesday! It goes live tonight at 9:00pm CST. Thanks so much for sharing and hope to see you there! Sharon
  4. I love you planner, it's fabulous. I love planners in general but I never keep up with them or use them enough. I debated getting a planner this year or getting a binding machine so I could print off my planners and create my own planner but I wasn't sure if I'd make use of it properly. Seeing your planner, starts tempting me again.. I love seeing how people organize themselves. Thanks for sharing. Over from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.