The Ministry of Homemaking

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Yesterday we talked about how a wise woman builds her home and I touched on how homemaking is a form of ministry. Today I want to talk more about the ministry of homemaking and how we can serve God and our families inside the walls of our homes.

The Ministry of Homemaking @ AVirtuousWoman.org

30 Days Of Intentional Homemaking: Day 3

Families need women who make home a special place to live, learn, and grow. There is no other job that presents as many opportunities for shaping (for the good or the bad) the future of our country – of our world – than that of a homemaker.

Intentional Homemaking @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Each of us is a homemaker. Whether you work outside the home or stay home full time, you are a homemaker. Whether you live with a big boisterous family or it’s just you and a couple of children – or just you and your husband – or even just you -, you are a homemaker. We’ve all been called to the ministry of homemaking.

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When I was a little girl I used to pour over magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, and even magazines that had home building plans and I would dream of my future home. Everything about it was just right. From the large wrap-around porch to the dormer windows, the creative nooks, and crannies, the perfect garden, the smart storage… I had the perfect home dreamt up inside my head and firmly lodged in my heart.

It’s funny how childhood dreams can follow you into adulthood. Or at least they did for me!

What those childhood dreams didn’t take into account was how much work and money it would all take. The reality wasn’t nearly as pretty. Of course, I do have a nice home today. It needs a lot of work and sometimes the amount of work our fixer-upper needs can be very overwhelming!

Some of you may have ended up with your dream homes and that is awesome. I didn’t end up with exactly what I had always dreamed of and that’s okay. I am very blessed to have the home I have. And most days I feel that way…

The Ministry of Homemaking

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed whether you have your dream home or not. Life doesn’t always take the direction we planned. In fact, in my experience, life has taken many detours and homemaking has been very hard for me at times. Okay, if I’m being honest there have been years of struggling with homemaking.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I felt God speaking to my heart and I finally understood that homemaking was about more than just housekeeping and drudgery. Homemaking is about creating a space that feels like home – a place where perfection isn’t necessary and where the people there could learn, grow, love authentically. Home is where family and friends should feel acceptance and offer each other grace. Home is where real life is lived and real life is messy and raw and not always pretty. But home offers a place for those raw feelings to find solace and comfort and healing.

Yesterday I talked about how a wise woman builds her home and how homemaking is a ministry. Remember, the word ministry is derived from the word minister.

To minister means: “attend to the needs of someone” – doesn’t that totally sum up homemaking? Every task you perform, every meal you prepare, every dish you wash, every nose you wipe, every kiss you give – you are ministering to the needs of someone you love.

Unfortunately our culture has conditioned the average person to think of homemaking as an outdated, oppressive occupation of women in the past. You look at imagery of the stereotypical homemaker and what do you find? Feminists do not see homemaking and child rearing as valuable uses of a person’s  time. But what person, young or old, doesn’t appreciate a neat and orderly space, delicious prepared meals, clean clothes, a clean bathroom, and someone to comfort them when they are feeling sad? I don’t know anyone who desires to live in a house that is dirty, cluttered, smells bad, never has clean laundry, or feels stressful.

Homemaking is a very real, practical, and demanding ministry that should bless and encourage everyone.

Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Always begin by praying! Ask God to show you how He’s using you in a tangible way to serve and minister to your family.
  2. Think about your attitude toward homemaking. Do you see the ordinary daily tasks you do as an act of love or simple drudgery?
  3. What’s one way you can focus on the ministry of homemaking today?
  4. Be sure to download today’s workbook pages and fill out the questions.

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  1. I absolutely love this homemaking series. I absolutely agree with your beautiful description of the day to day drudgery of housework, childcare, (and homeschool in my case) are an important ministry to the those we love and to the world. However, I do want to put in my 2 cents (which I know isn’t worth much, haha) on the comment that feminists not seeing homemaking as valuable. I would consider myself a feminist, and I have friends all over the spectrum spiritually, politically, etc. and some of them are extreme feminists also fierce homemakers. Feminism is equality for both sexes regardless of the work they perform. It’s not the demeaning of traditional womanhood. That said, I get the point you’re making. Our society/world don’t see homemaking as valuable, but it’s always noticed if someone ISN’T doing it.

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