10 Tips to Becoming an Organized Mom

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Being a mom is messy and it can easily feel overwhelming. Becoming an organized mom takes some thought and effort, but it’s certainly possible!

I always wanted to be a homemaker – a wife and mom. I wanted to grow up and have a family and home to take care of and I’m so thankful that for the last thirty years I’ve been able to stay at home and care for my family full time.

But the truth is, mom life is a messy life. Not necessarily the type of messy that you may be thinking about as in dirt and grime, although it’s certainly that too!! But mom life is messy in other ways too – as in chaotic, unorganized and fast-paced.

If you’re a mom you totally know what I mean, right? The majority of your days revolve around your kids, your family, and their activities.

Being a mom is a busy life, it can also become highly chaotic – and it’s easy to have an unorganized daily schedule as well. If your daily mom schedule tends to fluctuate quite a bit, it may be time for you to get more organized in your day-to-day. It’s possible to do, you just have to start!

10 Tips to Becoming an Organized Mom

Today I’m sharing 10 tips to becoming an organized mom:

#1 Have a family calendar or even separate calendars for each person in your family. You may have a daily planner for you, but what about for everyone else in your household?

You could place one large family calendar up in a common area – like your kitchen or command center.

Or, you can post separate calendars for everyone to see so that everyone in your house knows exactly what each and every person is doing on any given day. Place them all side-by-side in the same area for ease.

#2 If you find a recipe that you love, print it instantly and file it accordingly.  Saving it for later may mean that later may not ever come. Don’t print it and leave it sitting on the table! Make certain that you put that recipe in the appropriate location so it’s not cluttering up your counter and it’s organized with the other recipes that you love.

I use this Epson printer and I love the wireless printing function! I also love how economical it is to print with! When I’m looking for recipes and find one I want to try, I print it immediately, hole punch it, and put it in my recipe binder.

#3 Plan your day in advance. If you are taking care of other people in your family, planning way far in advance may not even make much sense. Instead, try planning your day just at the beginning of the week. That way, if anything changes, you don’t have to alter a huge schedule, just a day or so.

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#4 Put your thoughts first. Let’s face it…your home may be loud and active and full of a lot of different thoughts and words that are all happening at once. Don’t let those thoughts cloud your brain when you are trying to think. 

Remove yourself from the noise area if needed to help regather and refocus your thoughts. Once you’ve calmed a bit, the noise level may not seem as drastic.

#5 Lead by example. If you are always preaching that it’s time to get rid of stuff in the home, then that recommendation needs to start with you.

Why not show your family how easy it can be to donate and also clear up some clutter at the same time? Grab a bag and head to your closet to start purging a few items that you no longer need.

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#6 Plan a day just to run errands. Don’t waste numerous hours spread out over several days to just constantly be running errands. Instead, organize your errands by route and tackle them all in one day if possible. It absolutely helps with planning as well! When I was a kid we called it “going to town” and it was a day. Going to town day. It works!

#7 Make time every day to do something that you want to do. You may be wondering how will something that like help moms like you become organized? Because if you take the time to do something that you love, then you will relax.

And when you relax, you are able to focus on other things to help organize your day. Sounds simple, right? Give it a try!

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#8 Keep the cleaning to a minimum daily. Only schedule about 1 hour throughout the day to help your home stay clean. While it may feel like you are cleaning less, you are actually helping yourself organize and prioritize your day which will, in turn, help you to clean more!

#9 Meal prep is the key. Take some time on Sunday to meal prep for the following week.  Anything that you can prep for lunch and dinner, do it. You’ll feel a ton more organized and prepared almost instantly!

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#10 Create an area in your home just for you. Maybe a little desk or even just a drawer…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s somewhere that you can have your own items that you need to have separate from everyone and everything else in the home.

If you can have your own undisturbed area, then your organizational skills may suddenly go through the roof because no one will be looking through or moving your stuff, besides you!

Becoming a more organized mom is totally possible. Figure out the areas that you are needing and wanting to improve, and then build a plan around those to get it done. If you can find the time to invest in yourself, then you may notice that you will start to find the time to becoming more organized and stress-free as well. 

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