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It’s that time of year again when the weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to fall. I probably most enjoy my homemaking efforts around this time of the year! With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to get your home guest ready. Use my free printable Fall Cleaning Checklist to help you check off all those chores in no time!

Fall Cleaning Checklist @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Originally published November 2017. Updated October 2019.

The holidays are fast approaching… which often means parties, over night guests, and lots of picture taking. Get your house clean now so that when the candles are lit and the tables are set, you can breathe easy. Download this detailed checklist and get your house in order for the holidays!

Fall Cleaning Checklist and Guide

I am working this week to get my house in tip top shape. We have quite a few quests expected over the next few weeks. I want my home to feel welcoming to everyone who enters – including my own family. A clean home makes the holidays even more fun and inviting. This week at my house is devoted to cleaning.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It makes me want to putter around the house, get cozy, and have everything “just so.” That way, instead of worrying over tasks that need to be accomplished, I can curl up by the fire, under a blanket and read a good book.

I’ve been baking up a storm the last few days. I’ve made four loaves of my wonderful, easy Sweet Sourdough Bread, three loaves of Spelt Bread and three mini loaves of Spelt Banana Bread for my daughter who doesn’t eat, an Orange Cake, Gluten Free & Vegan “Sausage Patties”  for the freezer – not to mention all the canning I’ve been doing. I still have 14 bushels of apples left to preserve!

I pulled out my autumn decorations a few weeks ago, so the house looks festive. I have also enjoyed lighting candles around the house everyday – just because. Despite of all my “busyness” (or should I say “inspite”?) my house needs an overhaul.

Fall Cleaning Checklist: The Living Areas

Fall cleaning the main living areas of your home is a great way to welcome the changing seasons and prepare your home for the upcoming holidays and guests.

Work quickly and make it fun. Turn on some music (I’m currently loving Paul Cardall), light some candles, and enjoy the process!

Note: I love listening to music on my Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker.

__ Move through each room and put away clutter found on the floor and other surfaces.

__ Dust table tops, bookcases, lamps, picture frames, piano, fireplace, and other surfaces.

__ Polish wood surfaces with lemon oil.

__ Vacuum carpets well and use a rug cleaner as needed.

__ Vacuum drapes and wash curtains.

__ Move furniture and clean and vacuum beneath each piece.

__ Clean windows and window sills.

__ Polish silverware if needed.

__ Add holiday decorations around the house.

Fall Cleaning Checklist: The Bedrooms

The bedrooms should welcome your family with order and care. When you have guests coming to visit, the space should be neat and inviting as well. To freshen your bedrooms follow these steps:

__ Move through each bedroom and put away clutter found on the floor and other surfaces.

__ Wash bed linens and coverlets.

__ Flip and turn mattresses.

__ Vacuum drapes and/or wash curtains.

__ Vacuum carpets well and use a rug cleaner as needed.

__ Polish wood surfaces with lemon oil.

__ Dust table tops, bookcases, lamps, picture frames, and other surfaces.

__ Dust and clean electronic items such as television, telephone, and the clock radio.

__ Organize nightstand and dresser drawers.

__ Clean windows and window sills.

__ Organize closets and discard unused clothing.

__ Replace spring/summer clothing with fall/winter clothing.

__ Prepare guest rooms for company.

Fall Cleaning Checklist: The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest working areas of your home and it’s often where friends and family gather during the holidays! Fall cleaning the kitchen shouldn’t be so difficult that you feel overwhelmed. So if your cupboards are really unorganized, don’t feel like you need to deep clean everything!

Cleaning the kitchen on a daily basis and wiping down cupboard doors on a regular basis should make this job easier. Do what you can, but remember to enjoy the festivities, the baking, and the company!

__ De-clutter and thoroughly clean counters.

__ Clean and organized kitchen cabinets.

__ Make a note of any baking supplies you may need to purchase or replace.

__ Put away excess appliances and other items that take up much needed counter space.

__ Pull stove and refrigerator away from walls. Sweep and mop floor beneath appliances.

__ Give range hood, cabinet doors, and kitchen walls a good scrubbing.

__ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Fall Cleaning Checklist: The Bathrooms

When I was a young mom, I remember an elderly woman giving me some really great advice. She said, “The only room in your house that guest have will visit alone and have time to look around is the bathroom. Make sure it’s clean!”

And it’s true. Guests have time to sit and inspect the floor, the tiles, the mirror, etc. Do your best to make sure the space is clean.

Giving the bathroom a quick wipe down each morning as part of your Daily Eightwipe down each morning as part of your Daily Eight is a great way to stay on top of this space!

__ Wash shower curtains.

__ Scrub tiles and give the bathrooms a thorough cleaning.

__ Wash light fixtures.

__ Clean out medicine cabinet and other cabinets.

__ Organize bathroom linens and towel closets.

__ Make a note of any items that need replacing.

Fall Cleaning: The Laundry Room and Closets

If you have time to clean the laundry room and tidy the closets, your home will be even cleaner. However, if you are pressed for time, simply do quick pick ups and wipe downs. Declutter as your able. But don’t stress over it!

__ Put away clutter.

__ Clean and organize shelves and cabinets.

__ Check dryer vent for clogs.

__ Giveaway or throw away unused items.

Are you ready for the holidays? What needs to be done at your home?

Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Pray and ask God to help you enjoy the ministry of homemaking.
  2. Think of ways you can make the upcoming holiday season special for your loved ones.
  3. Download my free printable Fall Cleaning Checklist below, if desired.
  4. As you clean your home, talk to God. Praise Him for the many blessings you have.

Free Printable Fall Cleaning Checklist

Download my free printable Fall Cleaning Checklist and you’ll receive a .pdf file with two pages to print!

Fall Cleaning Checklist @ AVirtuousWoman.org

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  1. Hello, I was reading through the checklist, which I plan to put into action btw, thank you for it. It’s always interesting to see how others go about being proficient with tasks that need be completed. Not to mention, what impeccable timing, I just started my Fall Cleaning mission last night! I happened to notice, and I’m an OCD enriched Virgo, so I am writing to point out a minimal error on the checklist. Well, perhaps I just don’t know what one is, but a Cloth Radio? Lol! Happy Cleaning, Amy
  2. This is a great fall cleaning list! Another thing I always do in the fall is have my carpets professionally cleaned. It preps my home for holiday parties and is on my list because my family will be spending more time inside! Great list, definitely sharing!
  3. Thank you for all these tips and tricks, lists and ways to be organized. I have always had a difficult time in the home but the Lord has been working on my heart and He showed me your blogs which has motivated me and encouraged this change in my tremendously. Thank you for your obedience!

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