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Reading your Bible is one of the most important things you can do each day. If you want to hear God’s voice speaking to you, you need to be reading His Word. Here you’ll find a growing selection of Bible Reading Trackers to print and use during your Bible time.

Daily Bible Reading Tracker @ AVirtuousWoman.org

I always say, you’re never too busy to start your day with God. Even if it’s just a simple prayer before your feet hit the floor in the morning. Asking Him to direct your day and lead your decisions. In fact, it only takes one small step of faith to begin your journey of walking with Jesus on a daily basis.

I’ll be adding more free printable Bible Reading Trackers to this page as time goes on. Let me know what you would like to see and I’ll do my best to add it!

How to Get Started Reading the Bible

Excerpted from my post: The Ultimate Guide to Reading the Bible for Beginners

If you’re new to reading the Bible, knowing where to start can seem a little overwhelming. However, I want to share a few tips that can make reading the Bible easier for beginners.

  1. Pick a specific book of the Bible that you would like to read. Many people like to read Palms or Proverbs because it’s easier to comprehend and full of encouraging verses. When I first started reading the Bible, I decided to read the shortest books first!
  2. Choose a version of the Bible that’s easy for you to read and understand. As you mature in your Bible studying, you may explore and read many different versions of the Bible. However, it’s important to initially choose a Bible version easy enough to read that you don’t feel discouraged or frustrated.
  3. You don’t have to start at the beginning. Many feel like they have to begin in Genesis (the first book of the Bible) and work their way through to Revelation (the last book of the Bible). However, the best way to read the Bible as a beginner is whatever way inspires you to keep reading.
  4. You don’t have to read a lot at a time. Take it in stride and read a little bit every day. Write down the bit that you read every day. This will help you absorb it a bit better. You can read as little as a few verses or a chapter. If you read three to four chapters a day you can finish reading the entire Bible in one year.
  5. Pray before, after, and during your Bible reading time. God will speak to your heart what He wants to you to understand from the verse. It doesn’t take a seasoned Bible reader or theologian to hear God speak to your heart.

➡️ Read the rest of Reading the Bible for Beginners here.

free Printable Bible Reading Trackers

How to use these free printable Bible reading trackers:

  1. Download the file and save it to your computer in a place you can find it. Make sure to note which folder you save it to!
  2. Print onto your favorite paper. This is my favorite paper to print on and I know you’ll love it too!

My Favorite Bible

I’ve purchased this Bible for all of my daughters. It’s beautiful.

#1 Bible Reading Tracker with Blue and Yellow Polka Dots

This Bible Reading Tracker has blue a blue background with tiny little yellow dots and 366 days of boxes to check off. Just click on the image to download.

Daily Bible Reading Charts @ AVirtuousWoman.org

#2 Bible Reading Tracker with White Background

This Bible Reading Tracker features a white background and taupe check boxes with 366 days to check off. Just click on the image to go download!

#3 Bible Reading Tracker with Cherry Background

I’ve always been partial to cherries. Anyone else? This Bible Reading Tracker has a sweet cherry print on a white background. 366 check boxes to track your Bible reading. Just click on the image below to go to the download!

#4 Blue Bible Reading Tracker

This Bible reading tracker is very simple with just a white background and blue check boxes for each month of the year! Click on the image below to go to the download!

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