It was a Bright and Sunny Day

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(This post is from August of 2010… but when I came across it today, I couldn’t help but share it with you again.)

{Just for Laughs} It was a bright and sunny day... | A Virtuous Woman
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We had a very nice church service with a baby dedication and wonderful fellowship. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, just right. Hannah and Laura found two ring neck snakes (one baby, one adult). All four of the girls were wearing new, pretty dresses. We left church about 4:00 and set off on our 2 1/2 hour drive home.

As we were driving through Jenkins, Kentucky, Hannah says, “Can we stop and get a lily pad?” The pond there in Jenkins is full of thousands of lily pads right now. Hannah really wanted a lily pad. So daddy parked the car and I got out with the four girls and walked down to the bank.

I looked out at the lily pads which were not right against the bank and said, “Hannah, I don’t think we can get one. We can’t reach them.”

Hannah says, “I can do it!” and proceeds to try to climb down to the edge of the water to lean and stretch.

I said, “Hannah, you’re wearing your new dress and it’s going to get wet.” (The dress is a long one.)

Sarah pipes up (bravely) and says, “Oh, I’ll do it.”

Sarah bent down and leaned. She still couldn’t reach the lily pads so I grabbed her hand to keep her steady…

Sarah: “I can’t reach.”

Me: (grabbing her hand) “I’ve got you.”

Sarah: “A little bit more foreward.”

Me: “What?”

Sarah: “I said, lean me a little more forward.”

Me: (leaning forward)

Me: (thinking) I’m going to lose my balance. I should have Emily grab my other hand.

Me: (gasp, losing my balance!) (over compensating and falling backwards)

Sarah: (losing grip of my hand) (splash! head first into the pond in her brand new dress!) GAAAASSSPPP!

Me, Emily, Hannah, and Laura: (staring at Sarah in the pond, our mouths hanging open!!)

Okay, so in my defense, it happened really fast and it could have happened to anyone!! Really!

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