A Day at the Beach

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Okay, so it’s not exactly the beach. It’s the sandy beach at Martin’s Fork Lake in Harlan County, Kentucky. We love it there.

Our grand kids – Elijah, Enoch, and Emma came down from Michigan to visit us for a couple of weeks. We are so happy they are here. It’s funny when you have kids that are the same age as your grand kids. They are more like cousins really – at least it feels that way.

I know I have mentioned this before, but since I adore it so much I thought I’d mention it again. My grand kids call me Grandarlin’. Isn’t that sweet?

A Day at the Beach | A Virtuous Woman A Day at the Beach | A Virtuous Woman

Anyway, so this is how Thursday ended… 97 degrees outside and a trip over to Martin’s Fork Lake for a picnic supper and a dip in the water until the sun slipped behind the mountain. It was refreshing! Hannah (age 11) and Laura (just turned 9) are the Aunts!

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