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Christmas Night House Tour @

This post was originally published on December 24, 2015.

I’m no where near ready for Christmas this year. We’ve been so busy and out of town for weeks – almost two months – our tree isn’t even decorated yet. I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow. I wanted to share this post from last year with you as I dream of getting my home ready again this year.

I hope you are enjoying a blessed Christmas season!

It’s Christmas Eve. The house is quiet. All of the presents have been wrapped. I’m looking forward to waking up early with the kids and digging into all of those packages!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact, rarely have I ever gone this long without writing! It’s been a hectic, wonderful, happy, and very stressful time the last few weeks. If it could go wrong, it did.

At the same time we’ve had a lot of good, happy moments and life is as beautiful and special to me during the hard times as it is during the easy times. The truth is, even with all the stress that comes my way from time to time, I have a very good life. I remember lying in bed a few nights ago, my heart yearning to hold onto these days with every ounce of strength I have. There’s nothing like having my kids all in one space. I am so blessed!

game night

And so, before I turned in for the night, I wanted to share my Christmas House Tour with you. It’s something I’ve been meaning to share all month and just haven’t had the time!

I love everything about Christmas. I collect new Christmas decorations each year and I love decorating each room to remind my family that it’s a special time of the year.

So, welcome to my home at Christmas time! We’ll begin in the foyer.



Christmas House Tour11

If you travel upstairs, you’ll come to the landing. The kids like to play up here or curl up to read a book.

Christmas House Tour22

Now, we’ll make our way into the living room. This is where the girls play their music and read a lot of books.

Christmas House Tour14

Christmas House Tour15

IMG_6423Next, is the family room which is located in the basement. We spend a lot of time together in here – especially in the winter because we keep a fire going and the room stay toasty warm. This room is one of my favorites. It’s so cozy!

We also have a dining area and hot cocoa bar in the family room and eat a lot of meals down here.

Christmas House Tour23

Christmas House Tour3

Christmas House Tour4

Christmas House Tour7

Christmas House Tour8

Christmas House Tour5

Christmas House Tour25
Christmas House Tour10

Back upstairs on the main floor, is the butler’s pantry where I keep most of my dishes. I love decorating this little nook between the kitchen and dining room.

Christmas House Tour

Christmas House Tour1

And finally, I’m going to share our dining room with you. This is where our Christmas tree is always located because of our large bay picture window. The dining room got a makeover earlier this year and it still makes me so happy!




Christmas House Tour2














Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I hope you’ll come again soon! Oh, and if you’ve shared a Christmas House Tour, be sure to leave the link in the comments below so I can come visit you!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

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  1. Your home is lovely.Happy New Year! May God continue to show you favor and shower your family with blessings.
  2. Just beautiful. So lovely to look at. I'm moving...YES at this time of year....moving. you sharing your home brought me JOY. Thank you.

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