40+ Homemade Natural Cleaners for Your Home

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I started making my own homemade laundry soap years ago. It’s so simple to make and as a mom, I can feel good about what my family is wearing next to their skin. Today I’m sharing 40+ natural homemade cleaner recipes with you, plus at the end of the post you can download my free printable Homemade Natural Cleaning Recipes Cheat Sheet!

40+ Homemade Natural Cleaners for Your Home @ AVirtuousWoman.org

These recipes are simple to make and you’ll save a ton of money each year by making your own homemade natural cleaners! With Spring Cleaning in full swing, now’s a good time to pick up a few basic ingredients and make your own!

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 40+ Homemade Cleaners You Can Make

  1. Easy DIY Disinfecting Wipes @ Confessions  of an Overworked Mom
  2. Homemade Laundry Detergent @ 7 on a Shoestring
  3. Homemade Window Cleaner with Essential Oils @ A Virtuous Woman
  4. Easy Homemade Laundry Soap Printable @ A Virtuous Woman
  5. DIY Furniture Polish @ Jenn’s RAQ
  6. DIY Dry Cleaning @ The Quinntessential Mommy
  7. Stainless Steal Cleaner @ The Thrifty Couple
  8. 5 Minute Liquid Laundry Detergent @ The Thrifty Couple
  9. Homemade Magic Eraser {Gentle Wall Cleaner} @ The Thrifty Couple
  10. Single Ingredient Natural Laundry Detergent @ Our Small Hours
  11. Natural Alternative Dryer Sheets @ Our Small Hours
  12. Safe Alternative to Clorox Cleaning Wipes @ Life with Lovebugs
  13. DIY Citrus Infused Vinegar @ Life with Lovebugs
  14. DIY Dishwasher Detergent Powder @ Life with Lovebugs
  15. DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers @ Sarah Titus
  16. Miracle Stain Remover @ Debt Free Spending
  17. DIY Laundry Detergent @ Debt Free Spending
  18. DIY Spray Febreeze @ Debt Free Spending
  19. DIY Fabric Softener Sheets @ Debt Free Spending
  20. DIY Window Cleaner @ Debt Free Spending
  21. Homemade Dishwasher Detergent @ Savings Lifestyle
  22. Homemade Baby Wipes @ Savings Lifestyle
  23. Homemade Go Gone @ Savings Lifestyle
  24. Homemade Tile & Grout Cleaner @ Savings Lifestyle
  25. 2 Ingredients Palmolive Bathroom Cleaner @ Growing Up Gabel
  26. Homemade Laundry Detergent @ Coupon Closet
  27. How to Clean Up an Oil Spill in the Kitchen @ One Creative Mommy
  28. DIY Sudsy Lemon Soap @ Sweep Tight
  29. DIY Orange Cleaner @ Spend with Pennies
  30. 2 Ingredient Tub & Tile Cleaner @ Spend with Pennies
  31. Easyl Homemade Fabric Softener @ Happy Money Saver
  32. Washing Machine Cleaner @ Penny Pincher Jenny
  33. Homemade Glass Cleaner Wipes @ Moms Confession
  34. Homemade Floor Cleaner @ Moms Confession
  35. DIY Bathroom Cleaner Recipes @ Spend with Pennies
  36. Homemade Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaner @ This Girl’s Life
  37. DIY Leather Conditioner and Cleaner @ Posed Perfection
  38. Homemade Soft Scrub @ My Southern Expression
  39. DIY Wood Cleaner and Conditioner @ Scattered Squirrel
  40. Homemade Liquid Hand Soap @ A Cultivated Nest
  41. Naturally Clean Fruits and Veggies @ Crystal and Comp
  42. DIY Foam Liquid Soap @ This Girl’s Life
  43. 30 Uses for Borax @ Fluster Buster

What are your favorite Homemade Natural Cleaning Recipes? Share your ideas below!

Be sure to check out my Annual Spring Clean Challenge for more ideas on how to get your house clean this spring!

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