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May was a busy month. We’ve been gone for the last three weeks! Needless to say, I am so glad to be home. Campmeeting was wonderful. The Primary department where Mykal and I teach each year was so much fun! This was the first year we were able to repeat a program in our four year rotation. This year’s theme was Out of Egypt, the first program that I wrote. I did some set redesign. This post has a few photos of the original set from five years ago. This year we did “Midnight in Egypt.”

The kids had a blast. 21 lessons, 80 to over 100 children, over a nine day period. It takes me a week to set up working about 12 – 16 hours a day.

These photos are of all the stuff I brought with me in our 5′ x 8′ trailer and van. It’s amazing how much that thing holds! Later, the truck crews brought me my props that are stored at campmeeting. In the first photo you can see Jennifer (another pastor’s kid) who came over to help me set up.

We covered the ceiling in black plastic. I sewed some new backdrops and used some of my backdrops from last year. I dyed the fabric gray for the night time look. Once the lights are out, the gray works perfectly! Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera that will take great photos in a dark room, but the room was amazing with the lights out and only the spotlights highlighting the room! I wish you could see it!

It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and I had a lot of help! The rest of the photo of our set up can be found here. There are too many photos to show them individually. And the photos taken during the program can be found here.

The stories were acted out by my husband Mykal (Moses), Pastor Brian Hadley (Pharaoh), and Pastor Jim Byrd (Aaron). The children called me Miriam. You should have see the looks on the kids faces when Aaron painted the “blood” on the door frame! A pin drop could have been heard! It was profound, very moving even for me.

Here we are (minus Pastor Jim Byrd) posing for a photo:

You can see how tall Pastor Brian is. I think he’s 6’5″ and with the Pharaoh hat it was more like 7′!

You can read about our Primary Program at campmeetings past here: (I haven’t uploaded photos from last year – 2011- yet.)

Out of Egypt 2008
Adventures in God’s World 2009
The Parables of Jesus 2010

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