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Nathan Greene

One night during the Camporee, a famous artist, Nathan Greene came out on stage. I caught my breath because I just love his work! He was wearing his Pathfinder uniform (lots of patches!). I wispered to Laura, “That is the man who painted the picture of Jesus that is in your bedroom!”

I had framed a postcard of one of his painting and placed one in each of the girls bedrooms. Laura loves art and paints and creates daily. She was so excited to see him on the stage and we learned that he was teaching a painting and drawing class in one of the hangars! Laura begged to go meet him the following day.

So, bright and early, after breakfast, we headed across the air field to the hangar where he was located. By the time we got there, his class was booked for the entire week. I was disappointed! But I was able to introduce him to Laura and told him how much she loved art. I told him how she had a framed picture of Jesus that he had painted in her bedroom and that when she found out who he was she was sooo excited and hadn’t been able to stop talking about it!

He told her that as a young child he was very shy. He said that when he was 4 or 5 years old he started painting. Laura got her picture taken with him. He was very nice!

I was so thankful for Laura. She was so happy! If you are not familiar with his work, you should be! He has the most beautiful painting of Jesus I have ever seen! You can read more about Nathan Greene here and view his painting here.

Tiny Tots

Not only did Laura get to meet Nathan Greene, but she got to to be on TV, too!

About two weeks before the Camporee, Laura wrote a letter to “Auntie Linda” from Tiny Tots – one of her favorite television shows. She asked Linda if she could be on Tiny Tots. I was so afraid that her heart was going to be broken if it didn’t work out!

Two days before the Camporee we were watching Tiny Tots and as usual, at the end of the program, Auntie Linda pulled two letters out of her basket to read. Well, she only read one of them! Laura looked at me, crushed and said, “That other letter might have been mine!” I said, “Oh, no, honey. I am sure Auntie Linda hasn’t gotten your letter yet.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that particular show had been taped a long time ago! But I knew she was really wanting to go to Tiny Tots!!

Well, at the Camporee, it just so happened that Kids Time and Tiny Tots had a booth in one of the hangars. We went over to check out the free coloring books, and while Laura was busy, I said to the man behind the table, “I know this is going to sound like a really silly question, but my precious little girl here REALLY wants to be on Tiny Tots. Is there any way?”

And he said, “Why don’t you ask Linda yourself.” She had walked up behind me and was talking to another lady!

So, I waited patiently (and anxiously). When I got my chance, I said, “Linda, I don’t know if you remember me – we came last year and volunteered for Kids Time. My husband, Mykal Ringstaff…”

Anyway, to make a long story short, she did remember me. I explained to her the situation. And she said, “Well, as a matter of fact, I had a little girl cancel on me for Monday. Can you be there?”

SO, when the camporee ended late Saturday night, we tore down our tents, packed our trailer, and pulled out of there at 12:30 am. to head to Louisville, KY to drop off Julina and the babies (her husband met us there). Talk about a long miserable fight to stay awake! Then, we headed back up to Thompsonville, IL to the 3AN television studios. We arrived around 6:00 pm on Sunday night.

Laura got to be in 6 or 7 different episodes in the Nature Walk segment. So, if you are able to watch tiny tots in the next few months, you’ll have to look for her!

It was so cute because after we had intially talked to Linda Johnson, Laura looks at me, shrugs her shoulders and says, “How did that happen. Here we were standing there looking at the coloring books and she just appears!”

I told her that Jesus had answered our prayers. When we got back to the tent, she said to her daddy (who had tried to explain to her that just because she wrote the letter didn’t mean she would be on Tiny Tots just days before…), “I told you I’d be on Tiny Tots!”

You can watch Tiny Tots on 3ABN (channel 9710 on Dish Network) or on the SonBeam Channel. You can watch 3ABN online here – Tiny Tots comes on during the week at 4:00 pm.

There are more adventures for the month of August I want to share… so stay tuned for Part 5!

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  1. That is so cool! We LOVE Kids Time. I keep meaning to get Ashley started on the online Bible studies. She would love doing them. When will your daughter's episode air? I'll go back and read through your post again, I probably missed that part :)
  2. Becca, I am not sure yet when the episodes will appear, but I will announce it when I find out! We are going back to fill in as "extras" on Kids Time on October 5 for 10 days. And my husband Mykal will be "starring" in a story about Esau! It is so much fun for the girls.

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