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My Daily Lesson Checklist for Homeschooling

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My Daily Lesson Checklist Printable on A Virtuous Woman

If you’re kids are like some of my kids… they need something to help them stay focused and realize that school doesn’t last forever. I’ve tried everything I could think of to keep them focused on the task at hand with not much luck.

Then I came up with this idea. I printed off a card with each subject of study on it and laminated it. The card went on their desk. Now, each time a subject is complete the girls can take a dry-erase marker and check off that subject. This way, they know how much more needs to be completed and can feel a sense of accomplishment as each subject is checked off!

Kind of like when I make a list of chores I need to get done during the day… I feel so happy seeing those little check marks next to the ones I’ve completed!

 You can download “My Daily Lesson Checklist” here.

Instructions: Print the Checklist onto Cardstock and laminate. I used my Scotch Laminator – I love it! If you do not own your own laminator, you can take the sheet to your local office supply store and they will do it for you. Then, simply trim the list with scissors just outside the border. It should look like a large bookmark. Enjoy!

If you need other subjects or maybe different clipart, let me know what you’d like and I’ll add it here.

How do you keep your children on task and focused while homeschooling?

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  1. Thank you! Found this on pinterest and am making these for my girls. We were in need of something like this to keep us focused.
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to modify this checklist a bit and possible change the clip art on one of them to a more boyish clip art. I need one for a boy and one for a boy. I need all the subjects you have on the check list BUT the ones nature study, and PE. Could you add a place for one named Typing and one named Monthly Book Report? Thanks in advance, Kelly Carmichael

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