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We’re living in a time of certain unrest. If you listen to the news or even read social media posts, you know that for the world, there is much to feel anxious about. Today I’m excited to share with you my Bible reading plan for August: Peace I Leave with You. Be sure to download the free printable at the bottom of the post!

Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with all of my life. I don’t remember a time when anxiety wasn’t a part of my day. It’s not something I talk about a whole lot. But it’s there. And it affects my day to day decisions.

Whether you struggle with anxiety all the time or just have days where you find yourself worrying, the good news is that we have a Lord who offers us peace.

The chapter of John 14 begins with these words: “Let not your hearts be troubled…”

Jesus promises us peace. Before he ascended to Heaven he said:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

And He gave us the Holy Spirit to be out Comforter. Today I want you to remember that no matter what you are face, you aren’t alone.

Peace I Leave with You Bible Reading Plan

31 Bible Verses About Peace

This month’s Bible reading plan is titled Peace I Leave with You.

Day 1: John 14:27

Day 2: John 16:33

Day 3: 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Day 4: Isaiah 26:3

Day 5: Matthew 5:9

Day 6: Philippians 4:6

Day 7: Colossians 3:15

Day 8: Romans 15:13

Day 9: Psalm 4:8

Day 10: Romans 8:6

Day 11: Psalm 119:165

Day 12: Philippians 4:7

Day 13: Isaiah 12:2

Day 14: Philippians 4:9

Day 15: Isaiah 54:10

Day 16: James 3:17

Day 17: Psalm 46:10

Day 18: Matthew 11:28-30

Day 19: Numbers 6:24-26

Day 20: 1 Peter 3:10-11

Day 21: Hebrews 12:11

Day 22: Mark 9:50

Day 23: Leviticus 26:6

Day 24: Isaiah 32:18

Day 25: Romans 16:20

Day 26: Psalm 23:1-6

Day 27: Psalm 73:26

Day 28: Proverbs 3:24

Day 29: Psalm 37:4

Day 30: Proverbs 3:13-18

Day 31: John 14:1-31

Free Printable Bible Reading Plan

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  1. I've had some very scary news lately, that I'm not sure how to handle AT ALL. As a renewed Christian, God has decided to come out swingin'! But really, I have to view what is going on as a trial and test and make sure I still believe in Him through all of it. God's plan and knowing He knows best is what's keeping me calm right now in the midst of chaos. You have no idea how timely and needed this list is. Thank you.
  2. Melissa THANK YOU for this amazing monthly Bible reading plan. I was searching for a plan that was approachable as a mommy to a three year old! My son has me busy and short and sweet is where I am at in my ability to be fed in the early part of the day! I am also a homeschooling mom to be so THANK YOU! May the Lord bless you !

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