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A Simple Laundry Routine @ AVirtuousWoman.org

A Simple Laundry Routine

In response to the question, What is your favorite chore? Rebecca M. wrote:

My favorite is laundry…. Only because I make it feel like a treat! After I get everyone down to sleep at night, I quickly turn the washer on and gather up all the dirty clothes for the day. Our day to day clothes are usually jeans and tshirts. Yep, I throw them all in together. Add my organic soap nuts and a little lemishine. So easy. Turn the water on, leave the lid open, and let them soak for the night. Next morning, close the lid and let it wash. When I’m done, and if it’s nice, I walk out to the deck where I have strung a clothesline. My little one runs around helping me. While they dry, I grab my dollar store spray bottle filled with witch hazel, lavender, and water…. And spray them generously. Then in the evening, we go out an my little helper brings them in. It’s only one load, so we quickly fold them or hang them and put them away! Never a big chore. Just a simple, daily routine. And, even if it’s chilly, it feels so good to get that fresh air in the morning! Seems to start the day out right!”

I love how Rebecca has taken a mundane chore and made it a special routine that she can enjoy each day and find pleasure in. How do you make your chores more enjoyable? Maybe you need to brainstorm some ideas about things you could do. Let me know in the comments below!

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