Remembering the Word

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I found this question on our A Virtuous Woman Facebook Group page and wanted to share the question and some of the wonderful answers with you:

Hi Ladies!

Can I ask some of you.. I’m about to have some quiet time/word time with the Lord. but usually I don’t remember what i read later on in the day… when my husband asks me what did i read today i tell him something about Jesus doing this or something like that… any tips on to get real efficient word time? TY!

– Stephanie

  • I’ve found that reading it together with my hubby, and having dialog in what’s being spoken to each of us as we’re reading, REALLY makes the Word come alive & leaves God’s handprint on my heart & in my mind!


  • what translation are you reading? sometimes I will also check the amplified version, or some times the message ~ they are more “modern” language and often times makes it a bit more ‘relatable’ ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Journal what you think God was saying to you.


  • Dear Stephanie…Your hunger and discipline in reading His Word is SO refreshing! I find that reading a SHORT 2 or 3 verses, meditating upon them, asking the Holy Spirit what it is that you should receive from those few verses and then WRITING a HeartSong ( what it meant to you personally and how it will change you if needed) helps…gentle hugs and blessings this day ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I even take notes in church!!!! Love My notebook and HeartSongs!!!!


  • The best way to understand the bible is to pray before you start reading it. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you his wisdom, his knowledge and his understanding. Ask him to speak to you through whatever you are directing. Ask him to direct you to a scripture that will help you. Have a note book. Write notes. If you don’t understand sometime, ask the Holy Spirit for clarification. Don’t just read the bible but study the bible. Pray.


  • I agree prayer along with reading helps me. Keeping it short also helped me in the beginning. Writing, taking notes, also if you have someone close to you also on this journey and you can pair up, even your husband. Pick two or three verses and then talk about them together ask one another what they got out of the verses, how it helped their focus, anything along those lines I believe will help. Please keep us informed let us know how you are doing.


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