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Today I’m sharing ideas for enjoying the holidays at home. As a homemaker, the traditions you implement and the care you put into serving your family during this holiday season will be remembered for years to come.

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Have you been preparing your home for the holidays? Last night we made Salt Dough Ornaments. The kids loved it. It was messy and fun. The ornaments have been drying and we will finish the details tonight. This is my most favorite time of the year. Although, I have lots of favorites. I am sooo wanting to get out some sewing, but have just not had the time to do it. I itching to make some new hand-embroidered pillows.

We usually have a house full for Christmas, but it looks like this year there will be just my husband and I and our girls. I always love having family visit during the holidays.

I wanted to suggest little ways to make your house a merry place for your family and friends who come to visit.

Enjoying the Holidays at Home

#1 My children always love making fun paper chains. We hang these in the doorways and around the house. Maybe they won’t win a contest for the latest style, but the joy they bring can’t be beat!

#2 Place cinnamon scented candles in your bathrooms and even some sweet little Christmas books. If you have towel hooks, hang up a stocking in the bathroom!

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#3 Use old toys to decorate the house. You can place a toy truck on a lamp table or spell words with alphabet blocks – BELIEVE, MERRY CHRISTMAS, JOY, TOYS, etc.

#4 Try to keep homemade goodies on hand for daily snacking. Fun and festive plates filled with Date Balls, Cheese Straws, Sugar Cookies, or Snowball Cookies are always a treat and your family will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

#5 If your home is messy, try to remove the clutter. It just is not a fun time when a mess is surrounding you.

#6 Keep a small pot on the stove simmering. Fill it with orange peels, a few cloves, and a cinnamon stick. Your whole house will smell wonderful.

#7 Place your favorite Christmas CD softly in the background during the day. It will set the mood.

#8 When it is time to decorate the tree, play your Christmas music, have some cookies and eggnog and make it fun!

#9 Hang lights in your children’s rooms for fun at night. Or even have a small tree in their room to enjoy. Our house is big so we have our main tree upstairs in the Dining Room in front of our large bay window. It makes for a nice display on the front of the house. But we spend most of our time in the Family Room (basement), so we have a small tree on the counter.

#10 After Christmas is a wonderful time to buy decorations that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford for next year.

These are just a few ways you can make the most of your holidays at home. I hope you are blessed this season!

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