In Search of a Horse

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My four daughters and I have been anxiously searching for a horse for a long time. Earlier in the year we had looked quite a bit and even made a few calls on horses we were interested in, but then the year became so busy and full that it was pushed aside.

About two weeks ago I was in Dollar General with my little girl, Laura. She was wearing a shirt with a horse print on it. The cashier commented on the shirt, and said, “I just love horses!”

I responded by saying, “Oh we love horses, too. In fact, we are looking to buy one soon.”

Then, she said, “Oh, I know a lady who has a horse for sale.” She gave me her name. The woman also worked at Dollar General. So, a few days later I went in the store to see if this lady was working and she was. I asked her about her horse, and she informed me that she had already sold it, but she knew of another woman who was selling a horse. I went home with her phone number.

I finally got ahold of this lady on Sunday afternoon. We made arrangements for me to come out to her house on Monday evening. By the time we got out to her house, it was pretty much dark outside, but the horse was there close to the house. I ,er, the girls are so excited! Nothing is for sure yet, but I think it will all work out. It seems almost too good to be true!

First of all, the mare is a Tennessee Walking Horse, which I never thought I’d be able to afford. Secondly, not only is she a Tennessee Walking Horse, she is a Racking Horse, so she has a smooth gait – in other words, you don’t bounce as much in the saddle. And thirdly, she is a black and white paint horse which happens to be my favorite – exactly what I was hoping to find! Oh, and the lady is only asking $700.00 for her which I think is a steal! (She had originally paid $1500.00 for the horse.)

Oh, and not only that but the horse currently lives just a few doors down from where we plan to keep the horse which means we won’t have to worry about finding a horse trailer to borrow – we can just walk her down to her new home!

But wait, there’s more! She also has a miniature pony which comes with a saddle and is the perfect size for my littlest girl, Laura, to ride and is something she had been asking for, but I had thought we would not end up getting! So, this coming Sunday, we will head out to visit the horse and pony again to give them a good once over, to watch them interact with their current owners, and see the owner ride before we make our final decision. I have a good feeling about it. I think we are the new proud owners of a horse and pony!

Here is a picture of the horse: (It was dark outside so I will have to share better pics on Sunday)
And a picture of the miniature pony:

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  1. So cute! A horse is a great thing for the girls! It is a great hobby and there are the nicest people at horse shows! Enjoy!
  2. That's great. We are picking up a horse on Saturday that someone is giving us. It has not been taken care of, but since we have had experience with horses we can see the potential. After we agreed to take it we found out that a miniature mule (although I didn't know they came that small) comes with it. But that is OK we can put it in with our cattle to help keep coyotes away.