The BEST Way to Eat a Bagel

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The BEST Way to Eat a Bagel @

I grew up eating bagels for breakfast on a regular basis. Now, I serve my family bagels at least once a week. We just love them! I’ve noticed over the years that other people don’t seem to know how to make a really good bagel. Maybe you already know this trick. But, maybe you don’t.

So, most folks I know will eat their bagel cold or maybe separated and toasted in the toaster. Blah.

How to Make the Best Bagel Ever

It doesn’t really matter what flavor of bagel – plain, everything, cranberry, blueberry, asiago – or what brand – Lender’s, Thomas,  Einstein Bagels, or an off-brand. {Although my favorites are Everything and Aisago Cheese.}

Step #1: Split bagel in half.

Step #2: Slather butter or margarine on the cut half.

Step #3: Broil in the oven until the edges get all golden brown and the butter is all bubbly. Watch carefully so as not to burn! This only takes a few minutes.

Step #4: Remove from oven and top with your favorite topping.

The BEST Way to Eat a Bagel @

How to Top Your Bagel

  • cream cheese
  • flavored cream cheeses
  • cream cheese and jam
  • cream cheese and chives
  • jam or jelly
  • hummus
  • peanut butter

You could even top your bagel with shredded cheese before you broil it until the cheese begins to brown and bubble!

Flavored Cream Cheese Recipes

Of course, you could make a bagel sandwich with your toasted bagel too. An egg, some cheese… or your favorite deli slices with lettuce and tomato. Serve with soup and you’re good to go for lunch!

What do you like to eat with your bagel?

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  1. I like to make sandwiches from bagels, wrap them in foil and bake them for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I like feta on onion bagels best, but I'm sure you have great ideas of your own.
  2. I wish I had the pateince! Most of the time if there are bagels in the house, the craving is strong and they get slathered in cream cheese, ha! I'm a fan of cream cheese mixed with jelly, though, as it's always cheaper to buy the plain stuff - and you can get more flavor combinations that way!
  3. Being a New Yorker, the bagel capital of the world, I'd guess ;), I was curious about this. I've never had them this way, but what's not to like with all that butter? Yum! You'll know a real New Yorker if you hear them order a "bagel with a shmear" - meaning cream cheese - and lox. Everything tastes good on a bagel! Thanks for linking up with Best of the Weekend!
  4. hi girly! I'm starting a new link party over at my blog on Tuesdays and id love for you to stop by and share a post! -K
  5. Being a New Yorker but now living in the south, they don't know how to do a bagel. I'm with you, broil it! Our favorite way is some smoked salmon and cream cheese.
  6. I just tried this - I lightly buttered and broiled, sprinkled a touch of sugar, then spread some cream cheese and apricot jam. I was afraid it would be a little 'too much' - but it was perfect! My new favorite way to eat a bagel.
  7. Hello,Being a New Yorker but now living in the south, they don’t know how to do a bagel. I’m with you, broil it! Our favorite way is some smoked salmon and cream cheese. Thanks