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Q & A: Length of Morning Devotion

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How long should morning devotions last? @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Q: Hey Melissa, I am listening to your audio on virtuous women and I have a question. I know it may sound trivial but what do you consider devotional time? What does it consist of? How long is it? I seem to find every excuse why not it’s time to find every reason why I should follow the simple plan. Besides it can’t be any more time consuming than my time wasters that I have no problem doing. Please help and clarify. Thanks.

A: This is a great question. I feel strongly that God does not want us to “squeeze Him in.” He wants us to give Him our undivided attention. Having said that, I am not sure there is a “set amount of time” that is appropriate for our morning devotions. My morning devotions typically last 30 – 45 minutes but sometimes last as long as an hour or only 15 minutes.

I know a lot of people tell you that it is okay to spend your commute talking to God or to squeeze in time whenever it works for you. However, I want you to consider this: Do you think that God wants you only when it is convenient or do you think He wants you to make time for Him? If He was willing to send His only begotten Son to die a horrible, painfully cruel death for you, is it too much to ask that you get up 30 minutes or an hour earlier and rise to meet him before you have any other distractions?

Now, there is nothing wrong with talking to God on your commute or when you take a walk or while you fold the laundry. You should be talking to Him all day long! So do those things in addition to your morning devotion time.

Morning devotions should consist of Bible reading along with perhaps a good devotional or religious book or Bible study book. And prayer. I like to write in my prayer journal. I write down my prayers to God, beautiful passages of Scripture that mean something to me. In my prayer journal I also record major events in our lives – births, deaths, and special days that I want to remember. I don’t necessarily record those things during my devotion time, though.

You should also spend some time just being still – silent and listening for God’s voice. Ask Him to guide you through the day and show you what you should be doing and also to bring opportunities to you to share Him with others.

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How long should morning devotions last? @ AVirtuousWoman.org

A good rule of thumb or a formula for prayer that is easy to remember is ACTS.

Adoration – Praise Him for who He is.
Confession – Confess your sins – try to be specific. Ask for forgiveness and consecrate your life to Him daily.
Thanksgiving – Thank Him for those things in your life that you are grateful for.
Supplication – And finally, let Him know your requests. Pray for others. Intercessory prayer is so important!

I encourage you to give it a try! Don’t forget the story of the Morning Manna. If the people of Israel waited too long in the day to gather the Manna from Heaven, it would disappear. So, too, does our blessing from God if we wait until it is convenient to meet Him.There is a special blessing just waiting for you tomorrow morning!

Sincerely, Melissa Ringstaff

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  1. I usually (most of the time) spend at least a half an hour in the mornings reading the bible praying and having a devotion. Sometimes it can be less , sometimes more but ususally 30 minutes.
  2. Heavenly Father, Blessed be Your Name! I don't devote enough time in prayer alone with you, thank you for Your precious forgiveness and grace. Thank You for the blessing of teachers, such as Melissa Ringstaff! Shower her, her family, and her ministry with your blessings each day Lord. Guide us today, to walk in the light of your Word; fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Let us be as big of blessings to others as Your servant Melissa is! In Christ's Name, AMEN!
  3. Thank you for sharing Melissa! I was just talking to my husband about thus particular issue. I can think of everything else to do besides read, pray and spend time with God. This has really helped me and I' am excited about 0 spending time with God. Blessings to you and your family.
  4. Absolutely loved this! Your perspective was perfectly expressed and I could not agree more. It never ceases to amaze me how much better my day is when I give him my first moments in the morning. The time is never wasted as no matter how busy my day is he always blesses my time and all things fall into place. I enjoy your blog so much, thank you!
  5. This is something I have been struggling with, how much is too much and how much is too little time spent in prayer and reading The Word.. I tend to feel guilty when the time I spend in devotion is only 15 min. God has definitely spoken to me through your post this morning. Thanks so much!
  6. I like how you broke down devotion time with ACTS. This is really helpful . Sometimes when I pray it gets kind of jumbled so thank you!
  7. Your response to this question were my exact thoughts! It all depends on how many chapters my devotional has me read. For me, my goal has been to read my Bible in a year. So I use a schedule or, like I am using right now a book called "Morning Manna" which is a devotional and i read the chapter and book assigned. Also, it depends on the individuals schedule. So if they work outside of the home, then, depending if you are a slow reader,fast reader, will depend on how long it takes one to read a chapter. Some chapters in the Bible are longer than others. So, it's individual. I take about 45 minutes to an hour because I am a slow reader and I write in a journal.
  8. These are great ideas! I'm always trying to improve my morning devotion time. To be honest, I usually feel rushed to get it done and move on with my day. You're absolutely right that he deserves our time and attention. Right now, I'm doing a Chronological Bible Study, which is challenging me to read the Bible more carefully to see the "big picture". I love it. It has really helped. Thank you for this post and all your suggestions. I love your website! Aimee www.lifetimeorganizing.com
      1. Chronological Bible Study by Iva May. There are DVDs that can be ordered with it for a group study. It's very in depth, but very good.
  9. I find this so helpful. esp. when we have squeeze GOD in our time which is so wrong to do. i am bless this morning. God bless you so much.

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