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Remember that morning you woke up, slid those feet into your pink bunny slippers, put the coffee on, and started knocking out your to-do list like bowling pins (strike!)?

When you looked up at 10am and your laundry was put away, dinner was in the crock pot, and your kids were wearing smiles because they knew exactly what was happening next?

When you laid down with a book after lunch — NOT from exhaustion — but because you knew you had earned it?

Yeah, me either.


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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Purpose 31 Planner! I use it everyday. My husband calls it “The Mommy Manual” and when in doubt he pulls it out knowing I put EVERYTHING in it. LOL. But, what I Love even more is the little extras you put up randomly to fit the theme of the Purpose 31 Planner. So I know that I can grab the free printable and they match the theme of the planner. Thank you. It really has made being organized a lot easier!" — Christina



The Mary Planner is perfect for women who are home most of the time and want to stay on top of their household tasks.

The Purpose 31 Homemaking Planner @


The Martha Planner is perfect for women who care for their homes, but also have an active lifestyle outside the home.

The Purpose 31 Week-at-a-Glance Planner @

You long to be an amazing wife, mother, and homemaker...

You want to get organized, but life feels so overwhelming at times that you can never seem to catch up.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’m still there. That’s why I first created the Purpose 31 Planner.

I needed a better way to stay on top of household chores, menu planning, goal setting, and making lists. I needed a plan.

Hi there! My name is Melissa and my life is what you might call... crazy.

Creating structure and order in our day helps me balance my time and live with purpose, but I also know that things don’t always go as planned. And that’s okay.

​I designed the Purpose 31 Planners for women who long to get organized, plan their days, balance their time, clean their homes, and live life with purpose. If that's you, I believe you'll love these planners! ​

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  • Undated, so you can start any time.
  • One time purchase - print as many as you want!
  • Two-page weekly spreads.
  • Perfect for the busy wife or mom who needs to keep track of daily appointments, household chores, weekly menu planning, and more.

You want to live an intentional life.

With weekly and monthly planning for homemaking, to do lists, and more, you’ll find plenty of room to write down all of that important stuff you want to remember - so you have time for those things that really matter.

Daily Plan of Action

Daily Household Chores Checklist. Do these chores each day to keep your home fresh in between cleanings.​


A place to write down your Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routines - if life changes so can your daily routines.

Menu Planning

Space to write down your meals for each day of the week. No more wondering what to feed your family 15 minutes before meal time!


Space to keep track of those important appointments you need to keep and places you need to be - or errands you need to run!


Space to record your favorite memories from the week. Jot down funny things your kids say or special moments you want to remember.

Must Do, To Dos

Keep track of those essential items on your To Do List that must be done this week. Remember to keep your lists short! 

For the Christian Woman

This planner was designed with the Christian woman in mind. You'll find Bible verses and inspiring quotes inside the planner.

Planner Add-Ons

In the Purpose 31 Bookstore you'll find planner add-ons like holiday planning, a budget planner, and more.

Coordinating Freebies

Lots of free coordinating printables can be found on and more are added on a regular basis!

Get instant access to the PURPOSE 31 PLANNER!

As soon as you make your purchase, you'll receive your planner in PDF format to download and start printing! No waiting to get organized. Start today.


The Mary Planner is perfect for women who are home most of the time and want to stay on top of their household tasks.

The Purpose 31 Homemaking Planner @


​​The Martha Planner is perfect for women who care for their homes, but also have an active lifestyle outside the home.

The Purpose 31 Week-at-a-Glance Planner @


ROUTINES THAT GIVE YOUR DAY PURPOSE. When you create daily routines, those tasks become habits and habits are easier to perform. Routines allow space in your day to get serious about what you need to do while giving you the freedom to flow through the day, not on a tight time schedule, but a gentle rhythm.

A PLANNER THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK. You'll find space to plan your routines and keep track of your daily household tasks so that your home runs smoothly. BONUS: When you purchase a Purpose 31 Planner you'll also receive my free guide: A Simple Morning Routine to Get Your Heart and Home in Order

A PLANNER THAT WORKS FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE. I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if this planner will be like all the rest - those planners you bought and tried so hard to make work. But they didn't fit your lifestyle. The Purpose 31 Planner is designed with the busy Christian woman in mind. You've never used a planner like this! 

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"Hi Melissa! I just want to say a huge thank you! My role as a homemaker, in the past 6 months, has been amazing!! I absolutely love AVW and everything you share. I love your Purpose 31 Planner and all your printables…My Household Notebook is wonderful and I love adding to it and being so organised – menu planning has helped me in so many ways!

...I always struggled with cleaning the kitchen at night and after training myself (with your encouragement and The Lord’s help) I now wake up to a clean kitchen every morning and you’re right! It does start your day off right!

You are truly blessed in the role of homemaking and The Lord has equipped you with an amazing gift to share with all us women, so again I say thank you!!" — Kala

"I have really enjoyed the planner since I printed it out this week and had it bound at Staples. It has been a wonderful blessing! My mom is in town visiting and she and I are worshiping together and the meal planning once done makes the week that much more effortless in that aspect! Thank you for the emails I look forward to them daily!"  - Jackie

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The Purpose 31 Planners offer you plenty of room to plan your weekly menu. 

Have you ever found yourself standing in the kitchen, staring into the fridge, kids starving in the background, wondering what to make for supper?

Meal Planning is an essential tool for busy moms. If you are new to menu planning, I promise you will never want to go back!

BONUS: When you purchase a Purpose 31 Planner, you'll also receive my FREE GUIDE: Meal Planning 101

what others are saying...

"Recently I have been studying the Proverbs 31 Woman and I decided to do a search and I came across your site, which of course I know was no accident. I found it just last night and it has blessed me tremendously thus far. It has helped me to realize that being a virtuous woman is possible! I have found your articles and tools, like the planners, very helpful and simple! Thank you again. I have already told many women that I know about your site as it has truly, truly blessed me." - Melanie

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BONUS: Receive Two Free Guides when You Purchase

When you purchase a Purpose 31 Planner, you'll receive these two FREE GUIDES to help you navigate your way to a more organized home life!

A Simple Morning Routine 

A Simple Morning Rouitine @

Menu Planning 101

A Simple Guide to Meal Planning @


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