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Anchored in Radical Love Retreat Cruise for Christian Woman @

Anchored by Radical Love

You’ll might remember a few weeks ago a friend of mine shared about an upcoming cruise for Christian women.

If you haven’t heard about the cruise, be sure to read all about it. One of my good friends, Gail McKenzie is one of the speakers. Today, I have a great giveaway  for you sponsored by the Anchored by Radical Love Cruise! There will be TWO WINNERS. Scroll down to find out how you can win.

Naomi Striemer

Naomi Striemer

Hailed as the ‘Melodic Debut of the Year’ and the “Diva of the Decade”, teenage Naomi Striemer was praised in categories alongside top vocalists of our time by Billboard Magazine: “Remember the first time you heard Whitney, Mariah, Celine…”. Raised and homeschooled on a remote farm in Nova Scotia, Naomi’s voice catapulted her into the music world during her teens. She worked with guitar legend Carlos Santana, American Idol’s Randy Jackson and the producers who shaped secular icons such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Then Naomi chose to walk away from fame and Hollywood to pursue a higher calling – sacred music ministry. The best-selling author of Backstage Pass – the Naomi Striemer Story, she frequently authors columns for Christian publications. She travels internationally, singing and speaking about her life-changing encounter with God, and sharing the love of Jesus in churches, conferences and retreats. She lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Jordan, and is an artist ambassador for Compassion International and the Hope Channel.
Naomi will share her story during an exclusive concert, and fellowship with attendees of the upcoming women’s retreat cruise Anchored {by radical love}, January 22-26, 2014 (

The Giveaway #1

Naomi Striemer

Enter to win a free album download, and the digital version of Naomi’s best-selling book by entering this giveaway sponsored by theAnchored cruise, Naomi Striemer, and cruise planner Sarah K Asaftei.
Winner will receive a link to download Naomi’s latest album “Hope That Breaks the Dark”, and the e-version of her bestselling book “Backstage Pass – The Naomi Striemer Story”.



Charmaine is a child of the road. Born in California, to musical Australian parents who were on tour in the United States. At four days old she took her first flight and attended her first concert. As a little girl, she fell asleep to the sound of their Christian outreach concerts, and was singing before she could speak.

At age 14 Charmaine recorded her first album, writing seven of the ten tracks, filled with a relational perspective between a young girl and her God. Her professional career as a solo artist began at age 16 when David Smallbone, then CEO of Elevate Records and Rebecca St James’ manager, heard her first album and signed her.

Charmaine’s musical craft matured through extensive songwriting and collaboration with renowned producers. In scrutinizing, challenging, and rediscovering her spirituality, Charmaine met what she would describe as the ‘real’ reality, the truest expression of Love: Jesus. It is no wonder, then, that she likes to refer to Jesus as “Love Himself”. This Love formed the philosophical basis for her album “Love Reality”. Her latest EP,  called “Love Somebody”, was released in June 2014.

If Christians are meant to be ambassadors of Truth, then Charmaine is lives up to her calling well. She would like you to see Jesus through the trusting eyes of faith and experience His presence as you would experience your closest Friend. Her music is adventurous but grounded in authentic Christian experience, and in her we find a voice speaking clearly of real Love.

Charmaine is performing an exclusive concert for the Anchored {by radical love} cruise participants, and will be there to fellowship and minister to the women who come, January 22-26, 2014. Visit for more information.

The Giveaway #2


Enter to win TWO free album downloads in this giveaway sponsored by the Anchored cruise, Charmaine, and cruise planner Sarah K Asaftei. Winner will receive Charmaine’s “Love Reality” album and “Love Somebody” EP

How to Win

Enter to win your very one of the two giveaways! Giveaway ends September 25 at 8pm.

There are 5 ways to enter:

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