Lunch Box #3 {Macaroni and Pea Salad}

Macaroni and Pea Salad @

This week’s lunch box is just one of my favorite meals. I love Macaroni and Pea Salad with Cheese. Everyone I know loves this salad. This simple, easy lunch box was quick to put together and tasted delicious when we sat down at the ice rink to eat!

Easy Lunch Box

I packed this lunch in our set of Easy Lunch Boxes. Did you know these lunch boxes are super economical? I’ve been using them for a year now and still love how convenient they are to use – not to mention easy!

I also included a sandwich packed in a plastic baggie. The sandwich was made with Italian Bread, mayonnaise, Swiss Cheese, and a vegetarian deli slice. Easy!

I brought along these darling, brightly colored paper plates that I bought at the Dollar Tree.

What I Packed

  • Sandwich with Cheese and a Deli Slice
  • Macaroni and Pea Salad {recipe below}
  • Fresh Cherries
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Ranch Dressing in a Salad Dressing Container
  • Sweet Leaf Half & Half Lemonade Tea

Macaroni and Pea Salad with Cheese

  • 3 cups dry macaroni
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups mayonnaise
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 tsp. celery seed
  • 6 oz. frozen sweet green peas
  • 1 can of olives, sliced
  • 8 oz. grape tomatoes sliced in half
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cook macaroni according to package directions. When the macaroni is cooked, drain and rinse well with cold water until macaroni has cooled. Drain excess water from macaroni and add noodles to a large mixing bowl.

Add remaining ingredients to the macaroni noodles and mix until combined. Taste to see if the salad needs salt and/or pepper. Add more mayonnaise if the salad seems dry.

Chill salad in refrigerator until you are ready to serve or pack your Easy Lunch Boxes and store in the refrigerator until time to leave the house.

Note: Of course, this macaroni salad is perfect for picnics, potlucks, lunch time, a ladies luncheon, as a side dish… really, it’s just perfect! 

You can purchase your own set of Easy Lunch Boxes and Salad Dressing Cups at I’ve been using ours for a year now and still love them – and they still look brand new!

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Learning to Trust Your Instincts {Guest Post}


Learning to Trust Your Instincts {Guest Post by Suzanne Woods Fisher @

Today I want to welcome guest poster and author Suzanne Woods Fisher. She’s written a new book titled The Revealing about a young woman who listens to her intuition despite the backlash she will face. Plus, at the end of this post you’ll find a great giveaway for some of Suzanne’s books! 

Trusting Your Instincts

Years ago, when I was in college, I interned on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The basement apartment where I lived was just a few blocks from work—an easy walk though it wasn’t a safe neighborhood. Lots of burglaries and break-ins, even in broad daylight.

One day I noticed a homeless woman on the street corner. I smiled at her and she smiled back. The next day, we chatted. The day after that, late in the afternoon on my way home from work, I invited her in for a cup of tea.

Now, this wasn’t something I normally did. Ever. Not before and not since. I’m still not even sure why I invited her into the apartment. Something just seemed right about it. Gut instinct, perhaps?

Minutes after setting the teapot on the stovetop to boil, we heard a crash at the front door. Then another. Someone was trying to kick the door in. The homeless woman bolted from her chair and shouted at the man to stop—but he didn’t hear her. He kept kicking at the panels of the door. One panel started to crack. I was no help—I just stood by the window, watching something terrible unfold, frozen with fear.

Suddenly, the young man must have heard the woman’s shouts and realized there was someone in the apartment. He turned and ran up the steps—right into two policemen!

In the next instant, they were handcuffing him and jamming him into a squad car. In the chaos, the homeless woman slipped away. I never saw her again.

I know what you’re thinking. I know because I’ve had the same thought. Could the homeless woman have been an angel? She was at the right place at the right time. There and then gone. This side of Heaven, I’ll never know more about her identity. But I did know something about her felt very…safe. And that was one of those instances in life when I was so glad I trusted my instinct.

The topic of instinct is such a curious thing. It means different things to different people: intuition, premonition, listening to the heart, heeding the conscience, feeling vs. thinking, second sight, sixth sense, or just plain common sense. I think of it as Something More. To me, it’s a God-given resource for safety and well-being.

According to many researchers, intuition is far more real than it seems. Hope College social psychologist David Myers, PhD, found that the intuitive right brain is almost always “reading” surroundings, even when the conscious left brain is otherwise engaged. The body can register this information while the conscious mind remains unaware of what’s going on. Maybe that’s what was happening to me on that afternoon on the street corner when I invited the homeless woman in for a cup of tea. Something inside of me sensed that I shouldn’t be alone.

keep calm and trust your instincts

Listening to Your Instincts

Before I began the ‘Inn at Eagle Hill’ series, I happened to watch a segment on the Today show that showed how women needed to learn to listen to their instincts to keep them safe in social situations. The point of the study was that a woman’s first instinct in a dangerous situation was probably the right one. Unfortunately, trained to be polite, women tend to override or ignore that internal warning system.

The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

So I wanted to create a character who listened to her intuition and acted on it. That character ended up being Naomi King, an essential but background figure in the first two stories of the series (The Letters, The Calling)—which was just the way Naomi liked things. But in the third book, The Revealing, Naomi has the spotlight turned on her and we find she is a woman of great depth. Early in the story, she listens to her intuition despite the fact that doing so creates all kinds of conflict and turmoil—for her and for others. Standing up against societal pressure is never easy, especially when it involves those you love and respect. Even more difficult for a quiet and compliant Amish woman. But Naomi holds firm—and it turns out, her intuition is spot-on.

What Do You Think

What are your thoughts about intuition? Do you think of it as a hunch, a gut feeling, common sense, a learned experience, or Something More? Perhaps you’ve had a moment like mine . . . when you heeded your intuition. Or wished you had.

I think of intuition as that still, small voice that takes practice to listen to and to recognize (John 10:4). But what a difference it makes.

The Book

About the Author

Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of ‘The Stoney Ridge Seasons’ and ‘The Lancaster County Secrets’ series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace. She is a Christy award finalist and a Carol award winner. Her interest in the Anabaptist culture can be directly traced to her grandfather, who was raised in the Old German Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne hosts the blog Amish Wisdom, and has a free downloadable app, Amish Wisdom, that delivers a daily Penn Dutch proverb to your smart phone. She lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find Suzanne on-line at She loves to hear from readers!

Now About the Giveaway

Suzanne has generously offered two different giveaways to you guys! So, I’ll be picking TWO WINNERS on August 1 at 8 am.

  1. A copy of The Revealing
  2. One complete set of the Series – The Letters, The Calling, The Revealing

How to Win

There are 5 ways to enter:

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  1. Like A Virtuous Woman on Facebook
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  5. Answer the question below.

Have you had a similar experience where you listened to your intuition or maybe wish you had?

Click Here to Purchase The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher @

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When I Fall in Love {Book Review}

Hawaiian Chef Showdown and Kitchen Aid Giveaway @

Summer Time Fun

A trip to Hawaii would be nice, don’t you think? Maybe you’re headed that way this summer! Unfortunately for me, a Hawaiian vacation is not in the cards for this summer. However, I do get to spend a few days this week enjoying some summer fun with my family at our church camp.

I don’t get to read a lot of books just for fun. But when I do, I usually drop by the book store {or} and pick up a Susan May Warren novel. I first discovered her about four years ago. I’ve been picking up her books ever since. In fact, I currently have three sitting there on the stack in my living room waiting to be devoured.

When I Fall in Love with Susan May Warren @

So, guess what I’ll be taking with me to the camp? Susan May Warren’s latest fun, adventure filled Christian novel, When I Fall in Love. I can’t wait to steal a few minutes {hours} alone or maybe basking in the sunshine by the lake… in between horse back riding, tubing on the lake, and painting.

Sounds like a good vacation, huh? I think so. 

Back to the book and a fun giveaway that Susan is hosting… and I just happen to be a part of!

A KitchenAid Giveaway and Hawaiian Chef Showdown

Susan May Warren‘s newest book in the Christiansen Family Collection, When I Fall In Love, has won over readers’ and critics’ hearts alike. With critical reviews like, “. . . an exquisite romance. Profoundly touching on the topic of facing fears, this book is a true gem,” and more than 60 five-star reviews at Amazon, When I Fall in Love is sure to please.

Susan has teamed up with some food bloggers for a fun food challenge and a KitchenAid Mixer giveaway!


One grand prize winner will receive:

Grab your aprons and wire whisks and buzz on over to the When I Fall in Lovewebsite to learn more and enter the Hawaiian Chef Showdown! Susan is challenging you to make a Hawaiian-inspired dish using coconut, mango, or one of the other ingredients mentioned in the book. You’ll get extra points for creating your own recipe—plus she might share it on the When I Fall in Love site! Or if you’re not up for an adventure in the kitchen just click one of the icons below for easy entry.

Hurry, the giveaway ends on August 10th. All winners will be announced August 13th at Susan’s blog.


I’ll be sharing my own original recipe inspired by When I Fall in Love later in the week, so stay tuned! I’ll also be sharing my review of the book! I can hardly wait!


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