Harlan County Library

I just wanted to say that here in Harlan County, Kentucky we have the sweetest librarians I have ever met. Every time I go in there I check out at least 20 books and they never complain when I come back in to check out more a couple days later before returning the other books. And, thankfully, even when I forget to bring in a book or am too busy to get it returned or we just have not finished a book before the due date and the books are a month late, they have never once charged me a late fee. Now, I do try to get the books back on time and I try to remember to renew the ones that I need to keep longer, but they are so kind when I forget! And they know me by name. I never even have to show my library card. And they are always willing to order books they do not have in stock. And they always help me find the books on my always long list because I seem to have trouble finding books – especially in the Early Reader section where books get moved around a lot by little hands. We may not have the fanciest library or the biggest and best resources, but we do have the friendliest librarians ever!
Today I borrowed many books some of which I mentioned on my earlier post. But for myself, I am very excited about my own books I checked out: Barnyard in Your Backyard, Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader (which I just saw on Amazon is only $7.99 for the hardback – this is a huge book 384 pages and your can even have it shipped for free – WOW!), and finally I checked out Blue Ribbon Preserves : Secrets to Award-Winning Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & More.
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