24 Fun and Unique Christ-Centered Christmas Activities

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As we approach Christmas, many people are looking for activities to do with their families. If you want a more Christ-centered celebration this year, you’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing 24 christ-centered Christmas activities that you can do during the holiday season!

You’ll probably find some old favorites as well as a few new ideas to help make this holiday season joyful and memorable.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time for family, friends, and fun. Here are 24 Christ-centered activities that you can enjoy during Christmas. Merry Christmas!

24 Christ-Centered Christmas Activities

Christmas time can be so hectic and many of us really just want to focus on simpler, more meaningful activities instead of being so focused on the consumer side of the holiday season.

As the saying goes, Jesus is the reason for the season and Christmas should be a time of celebration, joy, and serving others. It’s about spending time together as a family and just enjoying the true spirit of the holiday. But even more than that, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior and all that he has done for us.

I hope you enjoy these 24 Christ-centered Christmas activities and that they help you focus on what really matters this Christmas season!

This list would be perfect to use as an activity list leading up to Christmas day, or you can just go through the list and pick and choose the activities that your family would enjoy the most.

1. Sing carols to neighbors or senior citizen homes

Visiting seniors living in nursing homes do often have visitors and they often feel lonely. Visiting a nursing home is a wonderful ministry opportunity to help the elderly feel loved and seen this year. Your family can visit and sing carols to and with them – or even invite another family to go with you. This is also a great activity for the children in your church.

Gathering up your friends to go caroling to your neighbors’ homes is also a great tradition to start this year! Sing old-fashioned hymns and you’ll be sharing the love of Christ with all your neighbors.

2. Display a favorite nativity or do a nativity craft

I always love setting out my nativity each year to display in my home. It’s a great visual reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. My kids are older now, but younger kids will enjoy doing a nativity craft or even using my nativity countdown for Christmas!

3. Read about Christ’s birth with your family

Reading from the book of Luke in the New Testament during family worship is a beautiful way to remember what God has done for us and to help your children learn about the birth of Jesus.

4. Bake cookies and drop them off to a friend

Everyone loves cookies! You can bake a batch of your favorite Christmas cookies and share them with friends or neighbors. You could even be sneaky and ring the neighbor’s doorbell and dash away to hide and watch them find a box of cookies on their doorstep.

Alternatively, use the cookies as an excuse to drop by and visit with your friends. This would also be a great way to minister to shut-ins in your church or community.

5. Smile at a stranger today

Smiles offer so much joy and with the Christmas season often being hectic and stressful, smiling at strangers can offer a little bit of happiness where there might be none. You never know how your smile could change someone’s day!

6. Write down everything you’re grateful for

Gratitude is so important if you want to live a happier life. Following in Jesus’s example, showing gratitude and being grateful for the many blessings in your life is a beautiful way to remember what He’s done for you.

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Every day in December, write down something you are grateful for. You can even do this as a family.

You might want to give each person a slip of paper to write down their gratitude each day and drop them in a jar. Read them out loud on Christmas day.

7. Give a gift or two to a family in need

So many people are in need all around you. Our world is full of the poor and destitute. Choose to give a gift to a family or child in need and make it an annual tradition.

You could pick a name off of Christmas tree at your local marketplace, fill a shoebox for Operation Shoebox, or ask your pastor if he knows of a family who could use some help this Christmas season.

8. Give to a charity you admire

There are lots of charities that provide help to people around the world that is practical and of great benefit to families in need. Choose a charity that you love and give a monetary gift together as a family.

9. Share about Christ on social media

Social media is such a huge part of most folks’ lives these days. Share a Christ-centered meme or a Christmas-themed Bible verse on your social media accounts. You could also share how God has blessed you in the caption!

10. Pray for someone in need of help

When we look at the life of Jesus in the Bible, we see how much time he spent in prayer. Choose to pray for someone in need of help during meal times or at a certain time each day as a family.

11. Text someone how much you love them

Receiving a thoughtful text can bring a smile to someone’s face. Text someone you haven’t seen in a while or talked to recently and let them know you’re thinking about them and wish them a merry Christmas.

12. Go to a Christmas program at church

Find a local church that’s hosting a special Christmas program this year and attend the program. You’ll be blessed!

13. Write a Bible verse inside your Christmas cards

Share the love of Jesus by sharing a favorite Christmas verse inside your Christmas cards this year.

14. Visit an elderly friend or widow

There are lots of shut-ins in your community. And even elderly folks who are able to out and about often feel lonely. Make a plan to go visit an elderly person in your community and being them some holiday cheer.

15. Pay for the person in front of you today

Random acts of kindness are so much fun! Today when you’re out, pay for the person behind (or in front of) you. This could be someone at the grocery store, at Starbucks, or in the drive-through.

16. Visit a live nativity scene or create your own

Lots of towns have a live nativity scene. If you aren’t sure if there’s one in your local area, ask around! Visit the live nativity with your family and enjoy the time together. This would make a great annual tradition.

17. Sing Christmas hymns for family worship

When you sit down with your family for worship, let everyone choose a favorite Christmas hymn to sing.

18. Give 5 hugs to people you see today

Give out free hugs! Try to find at least 5 people today to give a hug to.

19. Volunteer at a food bank or donate food

Our family has always put together food boxes to share with families in need during the holiday season. It became a tradition for my kids to help fill the boxes and bags and deliver the food.

Find a food bank that needs donations and/or volunteers and ask how you can help.

20. Find someone you can serve today

There are always people who are in need – whether it be someone who needs a friend, someone who needs help caring for their little ones, someone who could use help around the house. Find a way to serve someone like Jesus today.

21. Listen to Christmas music about Christ

In my home, I love playing worship music that is peaceful and lovely to listen to. This Christmas season, try playing uplifting Christmas music in your home to set the tone and atmosphere you want in your house.

22. Write down all Christ has done for you this year

As you think about Christ and his life this year, take some time to think about all He’s done for you and your family. Write down all the ways you can think of that He’s had His hand in over the past year.

23. Tell someone how much Christ loves them

Sometimes just saying, Jesus loves you, is a great way to share the truth with those around you. When you’re out and about today, let someone know they are loved by Christ.

24. Share your testimony about Christ

If you’ve never shared your testimony with your kids, do that today. Alternatively, share your testimony with someone you know who is struggling, share it on social media, or even at church.

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Sharing your testimony is a wonderful Christ-centered activity you can do during Christmas and really all year long!

I hope these Christ-centered activities ideas will inspire you to live joyfully this Christmas season. I believe there is something on this list that everyone will enjoy doing together as a way to spend time during the holidays, be inspired by Jesus’ birth story, and give thanks for His life-saving gift.

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