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Today I’m sharing a fun printable set of Scripture cards that are perfect to use with your little ones. This set of 12 Advent Nativity Countdown Scripture Cards are free to print!

These fun Advent Nativity Countdown cards can be used in conjunction with a nativity set or used by themselves as just a fun printable.

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Advent Nativity Scripture Cards @

Advent Nativity Cards: 12 Days to Christmas Countdown

Print each page separately, cut out, and glue the numbers to each corresponding card so the numbers count down 12 days to Christmas! Alternatively, you can glue the numbers to the cards so in order of which ones come first, 1 to 12.

These cards work well with any 12 piece nativity set. Wrap each piece in your nativity set, attach the corresponding card. Each day have your child open the package, and set out the new piece of the nativity set.

You could also hang the cards with twine, ribbon, or clothespin so the numbers are showing and turn each card around so the Scripture is showing when you read the cards. You can use them in a basket, on a book ring, or any number of other ways. Be creative and have fun! 

Free Printable Advent Nativity Scripture Cards

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I hope you enjoy these fun Advent cards with your children this year. Let me know how you plan to use them in the comments below!

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  1. My father is dying and we are carrying for him. I'm going to use t these Advent cards to string in his room and open one each day so he can hear the story of Jesus one last time and get ready to meet Him. Thank you so much Melissa!
  2. Well, I would love to have the FREE Advent names of Jesus cards but I cannot download them and they were not sent to me.

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