Getting in God’s Word | 4 Simple Steps

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As a woman of faith, as Proverbs 31 woman, you know it’s important to read God’s Word. You know it’s important to be listening to His voice. Today I’m sharing a simple way to get in God’s Word. This is a simple way to study, pray, and contemplate on what He’s speaking to your heart through His Word.

Getting in God's Word | Study the Word Worksheets @

Sometimes when our lives are so cluttered and we fail to create margin, it’s easy to set the Bible aside – however faithfully we try to live each day – and not really read or study the Scriptures.

As we make real changes for the better and ask God to give us a clean heart and make time for prayer and devotion, it’s also time to set aside time each week for deeper, more meaningful Bible study.

Reading a verse or even a chapter each morning as part of our devotion is wonderful – we need to stay connected to God and starting off the day with the life giving Manna is a vital, necessary part of that.

But it’s also vital that we delve deep into God’s Word and study truth and theology just like the Bereans did. This simple Bible Study Worksheet will help you delve into one or two verses at a time as well as write out your prayers, thoughts, or notes on the passage of Scripture.

4 Steps to Get in God’s Word

Today, I wanted to share with you an easy way to get into God’s Word and so that you hear His voice speaking to you.

  1. Choose a verse or passage to focus on.
  2. Pray about it. Ask God to speak to your heart and help you unpack any lessons He has for you.
  3. Write the verse (or verses). We remember things better when we write them down!
  4. Journal. Write down anything questions or thoughts you have on the verse(s). Write down anything you feel God is specifically showing you through the Bible verse(s). Examine your own life, attitude, habits, etc. and write down anything that stands out you may want to work on.

Study the Word Worksheets

You can use a notebook for this during Bible and prayer time or study time. You could also use my simple worksheets – just print as many copies as you need and place in a binder.

Getting in God's Word | Study the Word Worksheets @

To purchase my Study the Work Worksheets (2 page .pdf download) just click the button below.

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