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As homemakers, we have a lot of things to remember. It’s easy to forget important tasks if we aren’t paying attention! That’s why I love lists so much! If I write it down, it’s a lot easier for this busy mom to remember all the details. Today I’m talking about the Monthly Tending List and how it can help you in your homemaking efforts.

Also, be sure to download the free tending list printable at the end of the post!

The Monthly Tending List @

Mom brain is a real thing. On any given day you have a million things to remember. And even if you don’t have kids, remembering all the details is just hard – especially for some of us (like me) who like to day dream all the time.

One of the things I say most frequently to my girls is, “Write it down.”

I’m a big believer in the power of a list. Writing things down helps us commit them to memory. That’s why Scripture writing is such a great way to remember Bible verses. And, obviously, when we make a list or take notes about important things we need to remember… it’s just easier to remember because it’s written down.

Making a list of things to remember also means all that information doesn’t have to stay in your brain. Some folks like to call this sort of thing a “brain dump.”

Whatever you like to call it, having a good to do list is a great way to plan and execute your goals. That’s where the monthly tending list comes in. I first came across this idea on the site, Cultivate What Matters. But then a few weeks ago I came across it again from this sweet gal I follow on Instagram: The Mom Manual.

Monthly Tending List

That’s when I really started thinking about creating an oh so practical, monthly tending list printable that I could share with you!

My tending list printable is quite a bit different from the one you’ll find at Cultivate What Matters. I had some different ideas of how to use it and wanted to incorporate all of those features into this one printable for you.

What is Monthly Tending List?

For me, a monthly tending list is simply a list of important things I need to remember each month. It’s a list I can sit down and review on the first day or the first weekend of each month – depending on what makes more sense.

#1 Top Three Priorities

This section is probably pretty self explanatory. But basically, decide what your top three priorities or goals are for the month. Write them down.

#2 Tending (TLC) Tasks for the Month

In this section you can write down all those little things you need to remember to do each month. My tending list has items I need to remember to do like:

  • flea and heartworm medication for pets
  • change furnace filters
  • check fire alarm batteries
  • household maintenance
  • review my calendar for important dates
  • review the budget

#3 Personal Goals

In this section of your monthly tending list you can write down a few personal goals you have. Whether you want to make your marriage a priority, start working out three times a week, or taking a walk every day, or creating better habits.

Write down realistic goals. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself when setting goals for the month!

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#4 Weekly Action Items

And finally, in this last section, write down some bite-sized action items you can do each week to help you reach your goals in the Personal Goals section. For instance, if you want to start walking each day, choose a time of the day to set aside and give yourself 20 – 30 minutes to walk.

Or, if you want to spend more time with your husband, you might write down an action item of putting away your phone in the evenings or planning a date night, etc.

By breaking down you goals into actionable steps, you will find it easier to reach those bigger goals!

Having a monthly tending list to help you plan your month, keep track of important household tasks, and reach your goals is an easy way to see it all gets done.

Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Pray and ask God to help you make good use of your time when planning your month.
  2. Print out my monthly tending list below, if desired.
  3. You can laminate your tending list to reuse if desired. Or simply print out a new one for each month.
  4. Fill out your tending list to review at the beginning of the month. You can hang it on your fridge, place it in your household notebook, planner, or wherever makes the most sense to you.

Free Tending List Printable

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