Ten Reasons Your Home is NOT Organized

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For some of us, organizing just doesn’t come naturally. I can attest to the fact that organizing can be a real challenge for certain personality types. But, organizing is an important homemaking skill to learn so let’s talk about ten reasons why your home isn’t organized… After all, the first step toward making change is acknowledging we have a problem. Right? 😉

We all want an organized and tidy home. Something about having everything in its place that makes us happy but it never lasts long if you ever even reach that goal. Life has a funny way of making your best efforts at organization fail But When You know WHY your home is not organized you can make changes that help along the way.

Most women feel more stress when their homes are cluttered and messy. It’s hard to rest when your house is a mess. God wants you to live in a peaceful dwelling. So, if you’ve been dreaming of change, perhaps now is the perfect time to get started organizing your home.

“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.” Isaiah 32:18

10 Reasons Your Home is NOT Organized

#1 You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. It’s easy to look around our homes and feel like failure is the only option. When you feel overwhelmed by clutter – or worse, a complete disaster – you may find yourself not making any decisions because you don’t know where to start.

Read my tutorial on how to clean the house when you feel overwhelmed.

#2 You have good intentions but rarely take action. This is a common issue for many of us. You look around and make plans to organize. You download that app for the best chance at organizing but it sits untouched. It’s important to follow through on your plans – be a doer not just a dreamer!

#3 You have TOO much stuff. For most of us, clutter and disorganization is a symptom of on overstuffed life. It may be time to purge the clutter and make room for those things you really love. Taking time to clean out that clutter will change your home’s organization for the better.

Check out my 30 Day Decluttering Challenge: A Time to Clean

#4 You don’t have enough basic storage. Lack of cupboard and closet space is a huge issue for those trying to get and keep organized. Large storage options are worth the investment if you plan on truly using them. But often the best solution is to simply get rid of all the excess stuff around your home. Living with less makes cleaning so much easier!

#5 You are a perfectionist. Many that struggle with perfectionism struggle with organization. When a System fails to be perfect we often choose just not do it at all and our homes tend to pay the price.

Here at A Virtuous Woman, I seek to help you find freedom from perfection and the confidence to live your life with purpose. Be sure to read my post: Letting Go of Perfection.

#6 You just don’t have the drive to get things done. Often we would like to be organized but the task is such a challenge and we don’t know where to start so we have a tendency to not start at all and feel no driving push to get it done.

If you are struggling to get motivated to clean the house, here are a few tips:

  1. Pray and ask God to help you find the motivation you need.
  2. Turn on your favorite music. I always listen to Paul Cardall when I’m cleaning the house.
  3. Invite people over. This is a great way to get motivated to clean!! You should always plan to have people over on a regular basis.

For more ideas read my post: How to Get Motivated to Clean the House

Find Your Motivation for Cleaning: Video

#7 You are intelligent or gifted. Scientific studies have proven that intellectually gifted and talented individuals struggle with organization. Your brain just does not work as efficiently when focusing on tasks to be tidy. I’d like to say this is my excuse…. but probably not quite!

#8 You are emotionally attached to items you may no longer use but you want to keep them forever. When we make emotional connections to objects letting them go is difficult and they begin to pile up.

Read my post: What to Do With Sentimental Things

#9 Your home has too many people in and out. I have a large family and people drop in at our house on a regular basis. Life is hectic and crazy and I can’t always keep up! With children, pets, family, and friends running through your home you may notice your home stays less organized with more and more people in and out of your home.

It’s important to get your family on board with getting organized. You should not be the only one trying to get organized at home. Enlist your family to help!

#10 You just don’t have the energy to push forward on your organizational goals. We all get tired and organization is the last thing on our minds. Pick a day you do not have a lot of stress and make a plan to get one area organized.

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  1. Dear Melissa, I was very pleased to receive your email because decluttering and organisation in my home is a real struggle. My husband and I retired a couple of years ago and down sized from a 6 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom cottage. Then we made the decision to foster children and we’ve been blessed with 5 beautiful girls. But our little hose is now bursting at the seams and I’m finding the clutter is making us very unhappy. I start off with good intentions then get side tracked with the baby and don’t get back to the task I started. I have a daily cleaning schedule, morning and afternoon routine up for the school age girls and these all work well however our lounge room is where everything gets dumped. So my plan this week is to follow your steps and tackle this room. Praise to God for helping me find your blog.

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