3 Great Reasons to Hang Your Laundry on a Clothesline

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As a homemaker, doing laundry is certainly one of the jobs you spend the most time doing. It can pile up so fast! But doing a load of laundry (or two) every day can really help. I have always loved hanging laundry on my clothesline. Today I’m sharing 3 great reasons to hang your laundry on a clothesline.

Although hanging laundry on a clothesline to dry fell out of fashion for many years, homemakers are once again finding that the old way of doing things is sometimes best. In fact, for years I have loved hanging laundry to dry. It’s almost therapeutic for me. It just feels homey to me. It’s one of my favorite old fashioned homemaking routines.

3 Reasons to Hang Your Laundry on a Clothes Line

With busier schedules and limited space, using a clothesline to dry clothing, towels, and bedding outdoors is not always on top of the daily to-do list. However, there are many reasons why drying clothes the old-fashioned way is better than modern convenience.

If you’re a stay at home wife or mom, hanging your laundry on a clothesline is probably an easier task than if you work outside the home full time. It does take longer to dry your clothes – but if you are able, I highly recommend it!

It’s one of those old fashioned homemaking skills that is worth taking the time to practice.

#1 Hanging Laundry Outdoors is Good for the Environment

A resurgence in folks hanging their laundry to dry outside may be linked to increased concern about the environment. While it may take more time to hang clothing outdoors, homemakers will find that doing so saves energy, as well as money on their utility bills. Running the clothes dryer uses extra electricity or natural gas, but hanging laundry in the sun costs nothing but time.

The use of chemical fabric softeners and dryer sheets is also reduced, as these items are often not necessary when drying clothing on a clothesline. However, having said that, towels can be stiff when line dried, so you may want to use fabric softener during the wash cycle to ensure soft clothes and towels when items are line-dried. However, the use of fewer chemicals on our clothing is better for the environment and for our health.

Because the ultraviolet rays of the sun aid in bleaching stains out of fabrics, chemical bleaching agents can be eliminated completely from the laundry routine. While too much sun can damage textiles, hanging them in the sun for a few hours of drying is much better for clothing than the damage that results from regular use of bleach.

Pro Mom Tip: The sunshine bleaches organic stains – so your baby’s outfits with breastmilk stains or breastmilk poop stains just need a few hours in the direct sun. Adding a touch of lemon juice to the stains can boost the effect as well.

#2 Using a Clothesline Saves Money

Not only does the clothesline save money on utility bills, but it also saves money in ways that many may not realize. Running a dryer several times per week certainly adds up and results in wear and tear on the machine. By using the dryer less, homeowners can stretch the life of their appliance and save money in the long run.

Drying clothing in the dryer also decreases the life of the garments. A hot dryer essentially cooks clothing, shrinking the fibers and resulting in fabric fading, wear, and distress. Drying clothing slowly outdoors will extend the life of clothing and textiles, keeping them wearable and looking new for a longer period of time. Wearable clothes need to be replaced less often, saving money over time.

#3 Natural Benefits to Drying Laundry Outdoors

Unlike clothing dried in a dryer, those hung outside to dry have the added benefit of a natural sanitizer and deodorizer. The same ultraviolet rays of the sun that help to remove stains from fabrics also work to sanitize fabrics. Bacteria lurking within the fibers is killed, leaving fabrics smelling fresh and truly clean.

Besides all the benefits to the environment, the pocketbook, and fabrics, drying laundry on the clothesline has one other advantage. The very act of hanging the clothing causes one to slow down and enjoy the sunshine. This is what I meant by therapeutic. It’s so relaxing!!

It calms the soul and provides for a few minutes of quiet time. In this crazy life, even a few moments of solitude can be healing and should be captured whenever it can be found. If using a clothesline allows this luxury, everyone should take advantage of it.

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