The Living Rooms {Day 55}

How to Clean the Living Rooms @

From Chaos to Calm: Day 55

Scripture Memory: “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3,4

The Living Room is very often the room that we take guests who come to our home. In my house we also have a “Family Room” downstairs. The rule in my house is that the children do not play with their toys in the “Living Room” but they can in the “Family Room.” By enforcing this rule, I never have to fear guests dropping in unexpectedly because the Living Room is always neat and orderly.

   If you only have one Living Room, make that space friendly for the children as well as comfortable for your guests. There are many books available that offer creative ways for making your living space pretty as well as functional. If you feel challenged in the way of decorating, get a few books from your local bookstore and study how rooms are decorated and maybe your creativity will be sparked.

 Any room always looks nice if it is neat and clean – even if you do not have much money to spend on furniture or decorating. Clutter always gives an unpleasant feeling. Use pretty baskets with fabric linings to hide toys, magazines, books, office supplies, and other items in your home that would otherwise look cluttered. Pretty patchwork quilts or handmade afghans always give a warm, cozy feeling – and if you are able to make your own that is even better!

Artwork can be pricey, but creating your own work of art with watercolors or by cross stitching is just as pretty – or prettier! And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you labored in love for your home and created something pretty. Family photos – especially good photos are wonderful to decorate with and they bring back happy memories at the same time!

Here’s a handy “How to Clean the Living Room Checklist” that you can use daily, weekly and monthly to stay on top of your living rooms.

How to Clean the Living Room Checklist

Cleaning the Living Room: Daily:

1. Pick up clutter.

2. Fluff pillows.

3. Straighten quilts or throws.

4. Vacuum or sweep floor as needed.

Cleaning the Living Room: Weekly:

1. Vacuum or sweep floor.

2. Dist tabletops, bookcases, shelves and piano.

3. Throw out accumulated clutter.

4. Vacuum upholstery if needed.

5. Remove musty odors by washing slipcovers and blankets. Or, use a product such as Febreeze®.

6. Clean windows and mirrors.


1. Placing a fragrant air freshener such as Glade Plugins® or a Tart Warmer or candles in the room will ensure that there is always a welcoming scent in the room for friends and family to enjoy. I personally prefer a cinnamon spice fragrance all year long – it reminds me of pies baking or cider bubbling on the stove. Always yummy!

2. If you have a pet that lives indoors, you may not be aware of the odor in your home. However, guests will notice! Never allow pets to sleep on the upholstered furniture without a washable cover underneath them. Wash it frequently to keep odors from building up. If you have a dog, bathe him/her often. Vacuum fur up daily or use a lint brush in between vacuuming. Allowing your guests to leave your home with fur on their clothes is not nice!

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Homemaking is a Ministry {Sundays at Home}

Homemaking is a Ministry @

The Christian Homemaker

I’ve been a homemaker for over two decades now. That’s a long time! I didn’t always enjoy my role as a homemaker and honestly – there are times it still feels tedious!

But over the years I’ve come to realize that homemaking is just as important as any other type of ministry because as the wife and mother – the way our family feels at home speaks volumes about how we minister to their needs.

Does your home feel safe, peaceful, full of laughter, and welcoming to the weary soul? If not, it’s time to do some major clean-up! And sometimes it’s not just our house that needs a good cleaning. More often than not, our hearts are in need of a good scrubbing too.

Here at A Virtuous Woman, you’ll find lots of help finding peace in your heart and peace in your home.

Homemaking is a Ministry

This is My Life Planner

This is My Life Planner is the ULTIMATE planner for busy moms and women like you!

This is My Life Planner @

Intentional Homemaking

Sundays at Home {Intentional Homemaking} Bog Hop @ ---- Share your home blessings this week!

Our families are blessed when we are intentional about homemaking. From choosing the perfect recipes, to making the bed, decorating or cleaning the bathroom, homemaking is a ministry.

How have you been intentional about homemaking this week?

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How are you blessing your home this week?

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Cleaning the Carpets {Day 50}

How to Care for Your Carpets {From Chaos to Calm Series: Day 50} @

From Chaos to Calm: Day 50

You can find the rest of the series here.

Scripture Memory: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23, 24

  In my own home, we have carpets on the main floor in the living room, sunroom, and master bedroom. We are in the process of pulling out the carpet and restoring the hardwood floors beneath, but for now the rest of the house has either tile or hardwood. My carpets are a very pale shade – with just the slightest hint of green.

We have a black top driveway, and the blacktop is constantly tracked in on our shoes. We have a rule about taking shoes off inside of the house but inevitable, someone will forget to take something to the car and need to quickly run back inside, tracking in the black asphalt. Talk about a frustrating cleaning nightmare.

So, we purchased a steam cleaner that I can use whenever the carpets begin to look dingy. If you have small children who spill their chocolate milk frequently on the carpets, or have a black top driveway as I do, you may want to consider purchasing a carpet cleaner for home use.

     Carpets should be vacuumed a minimum of once a week. Whether the carpets appear dirty or not, vacuuming will remove ground in dust and dirt that your eyes cannot see and will help your carpets remain in good condition for a longer period of years. Debris can be swept up with a broom if you do not have access to a vacuum cleaner.

You can either purchase a steam cleaner or rent one from the grocery store. Or you can call a professional company to come and clean the carpets for you. Carpets in high traffic areas should be cleaned in this manner at least twice a year.

    Spot cleaning is necessary in most homes from time to time. As the mother of five kids running around the house {and several dogs, cats and grandchildren}, my carpets take a beating. Spills happen much too frequently. Dirty feet track in grass, mud, and more… Such is the life of a carpet in home with children.

  For the ultimate Spot Treatment, purchase a can of Spot Shot. By far the best product for removing stains on carpets that I have used, I was amazed when grape juice was spilled and right before my eyes the stain disappeared! Otherwise, use your favorite cleanser or follow these simple tips:

  If a spill happens, use a fresh clean cloth to blot up the excess liquid. For a fresh stain, using club soda may work well. Allow it to bubble and sit for a few minutes before blotting the spot. Do not rub or scrub the stain. For stains that are set in, use a product like Simple Green, Oxi-Clean, or again the Spot Shot.

     To remove odors from your carpets, liberally sprinkle the entire area with baking soda. Allow to sit for 30 minutes or over night if the smell is particularly bad. Follow up with a good vacuuming.

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