Adventure Bag for Boys and Girls

Handmade Adventure Bags for Girls and Boys @

A Life of Adventure I remember when I was kid  I dreamed of living a life of adventure. Being shipwrecked like the Swiss Family Robinson, hunting for treasure like Indiana Jones, solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. As a girl, I loved tromping through the woods on our 12 acre homestead – my imagination wild with ideas of mystery and secrets. As an adult, the greatest adventure I’ve ever had was

Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas .... decorations, crafts, activities, snacks & more! @

Tomorrow {Monday} we’ll be jumping right back into our 30 Day Challenge: A Time to Clean. I hope you’ll join me! The Thanksgiving Kids Table Every year I decorate a table with fun treats and activities for all of the kids who come to thanksgiving and they look forward to it so much! We have a large family and there’s always a big passel of kids in my house for

ABC’s of Summer Fun {K is for Kite}

ABC's of Summer Fun {K is for Kite} @

ABC’s of Summer Fun You can find all of the posts in this series here. The sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze… what better way to spend a summer afternoon than flying kites? The sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze… let’s spend a summer afternoon flying kites! Click To Tweet There have been several times we have purchased a beautiful kite, assembled it, and let the

My Life Documented Mondays

My Life Documented Mondays {Project Life 2014} @ #ProjectLife

My Life Documented Mondays Each Monday, I’m featuring a different set a free printable journal cards that you can use in your Project Life album, plus lots of tips, ideas, and even some videos. I began my first Project Life album during the summer of 2013 and it changed how I scrapbook for life! Take about user friendly! The Project Life system created by Becky Higgins is perfect for the

10 Ideas for Giving Thanks

DIY Thankful Tree @ Crafts Unleased

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to spend this month really considering our blessings and learning to not take things for granted. As always, Ann Voskamp says it so perfectly: It’s as simple and profound as this: We would worry less if we gave thanks more. We would worry less if we gave thanks more. Yes. Ann has graciously provided us with a beautiful

Native American Study – Homeschool Freebies

Native American Unit Study {Homeschool Freebies} | A Virtuous Woman

With November and Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of free ideas and activities you can use in your Native American studies. How to Make Mini Teepees Eskimo Lapbook Totem Pole Printables Inuit and Arctic Lapbook Inuit and Arctic Circle Notebooking Pages Thanksgiving Printables Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Unit If You Lived with Iroquois Lapbook Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrow Pipe Cleaner Wigwam

How to Inspire Creativity in Your Children

How to Inspire Creativity in Your Children | A Virtuous Woman #homeschool #artforkids

When I was a young mom, {when my oldest three were still little} I tried to avoid at all costs crafts and activities that I knew would lead to a big mess. After all, I thought, why make more work for myself. Oh, they had crayons and coloring books. And the cupboard held glitter, scissors, and glue, but really, those were just nice ideas. I didn’t really want to use

ABC’s of Summer Fun {A is for ART}

ABC's of Summer Fun {A is for Art} Series | A Virtuous Woman

You can find all of the posts in this series here. What child doesn’t love to express themselves with art? Okay, maybe some, but I don’t personally know any! My children love to delve into any kind of art project that I suggest. So summer wouldn’t be summer without at least a few fun art projects! Remember that part of the fun and what makes any project memorable is when

Homeschool Nature Study – Barred Owl

Homeschool Nature Study - the Barred Owl | A Virtuous Woman

This morning my daughter Hannah came running in from outside where she was doing her nature study and says, “Mom! I just heard a bird that sounded like a monkey!” She didn’t see the bird, though, so we did a google search for “bird that sounds like monkey” and found out the Barred Owl, which lives all over North America sounds very much like a monkey! We have seen this