New Year Resolutions

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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Over the years I’ve talked a lot about re-evaluating my life. I do it a lot. How else can I know if I’m on track with my life goals?

I love the new year. It just feels like a fresh start. I don’t always make “new year  resolutions” because more often than not, my resolutions are forgotten when real life hits after the holidays are over.

This year I thought it would be good to make some concrete goals. But what’s a goal if you don’t actually take action to meet that goal? Why set myself up for failure?

2012 was in some respects one of the most amazing years of my life. I completed my first novel and was picked up by a literary agent. (Still waiting for publication, though!) At the same time, 2012 was exhausting and demanding (due to family and life issues) and the year ended with me spending the last month in bed sick. I’m glad that’s over!

I’m looking forward to another life changing year. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have my second novel in the hands of publishers! Maybe I’ll have an amazing book contract with an amazing publisher. Maybe I’ll finish writing my third novel.

More than that, though, I want to realize personal goals for my family and my home. With 2012 leaving me exhausted and sick, I’m wanting a fresh start at home, too.

I have some pretty great kids. By God’s amazing grace, my children love the Lord and are just the most thoughtful, wonderful kids a mom could ask for. I want to be an even better mom. I think I’ve done a lot of things right, but there are so many things I could do better! (Maybe you feel the same way.) So, I want to set realistic goals for being a better mom.

And there are other areas in my life where I’d like to see improvement. So, I made this New Year Resolution chart to help me and you get on track for the new year!

You can download the file here.

Oh, and just for fun, you might enjoy printing off this adorable printable from Thirty Handmade Days for your kids.

Do you like to set New Year Resolutions? Have you been successful in the past in reaching your goals?

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  1. I love these charts. I think printing I'm going to print off the kids chart. I think it would be a great way for the kids to reflect on their year and see how much they change in the next coming year. Thanks.
  2. for some reason when i try to download and print the New Years Resolutions file, i see your resolutions but am unable to clear it or get a blank version to use for myself? I may just make a template myself, although i don't have cool fonts to go with my new This is My Life Planner:) thanks