Apple BBQ Sauce for Canning

I am still canning all those apples we bought back a few months ago. Who knew life would be so crazy the last few months? I've hardly had more than one day a week (if that, some weeks) to work on the canning. Thankfully I only have about 5 bushels of apples left and seven pumpkins left that need preserving. So, since we have enough apple sauce and apple butter to last us a few years, I was racking my brain trying to come up with a new recipe for the apples. I get bored easily. This … [Read more...]

Enchilada Sauce for Canning

Okay, so I started getting all the produce put up. We bought 6 more bushels of tomatoes. That's a lot of tomatoes! Plus the bushel of Pablano Peppers! All in all our trip to the Farmer's Market in Asheville, NC gave me...  7 bushels of tomatoes 14 bushels of apples 1 bushel sweet potatoes 1 peck squash 1 peck eggplant 2 bushels red and green bell peppers 1 bushel pablano peppers 2 bushels cucumbers That should keep me BUSY for quite a while! Enchilada Sauce. So … [Read more...]

Speaking of Mason Jars…

garden_th's that time of year again. My husband went to the Farmer's Market in Asheville, NC on Friday with plans for going back this coming Thursday for more produce. I love it, but that also means, the pressure is on! I have canned a lot of produce since January. Some of the produce I have to get put up came from our garden including habenero peppers, bell peppers, green tomatoes: Bell peppers, Habenero peppers and tomatoes from garden (and two of my big white radishes). From the … [Read more...]

Mason Jars


Have you missed me? This summer flew by, oh wait, summer been over for... weeks! Yes, fall is quickly passing me by as well it seems. I have had next to no time for my blog or website, much to my great disappointment. But I have learned over the years - 10 years blogging - that life needs to come first, family needs to come first. So I live by that rule when it comes to computer time. Anyway... here is a nifty little tip. I love Mason Jars. I mean, really, what's not to love? I use them for … [Read more...]

Autumn Harvest – Canning Pumpkin

I was lucky enough this year to find ten perfectly good pumpkins next to a neighbor's trash can after the Thanksgiving holiday. With my own two purchased pumpkins, that gave me a lot of pumpkins to can! If you don't have a garden of your own, ask around - lots of people by pumpkins for fall decorations with no plans of eating them. I love free food! From the National Center for Home Food Preservation: An average of 16 pounds is needed per canner load of 7 quarts; an average … [Read more...]