Sundays at Home {Intentional Homemaking} #5

How was your week last week? The last couple of weeks were so busy around here! I hardly had time to breathe. First of all, our sweet dog Lucy had a terrible injury to her tail and she had to have it amputated. She’s doing much better now.

Lucy | A Virtuous Woman

Then, between trying to catch up on organizing and getting ready for school to start this coming week, I was non-stop purging, sorting, organizing, and cleaning. And then I had to get our homeschool lesson plans written out, which only sort of happened. I got some of it done. I’m finishing those up this morning. {I’m using my Homeschool Lesson Planner.}

Homeschool Lesson Planner | A Virtuous Woman

Last week we traveled to Nashville, TN for a few days so my husband {Mykal Ringstaff – below} could shoot 26 DVD’s called Thunder in the Holy Land. For having never been in front of the camera with a teleprompter, he did amazing. I can’t want to share the DVD’s with you. The Bible lessons are fascinating and you learn so much!

Pastor Mykal Ringstaff {Thunder in the Holy Land} | A Virtuous Woman

We came home on Tuesday night and I had Wednesday and Friday at home. Hannah is still taking ice skating lessons on Thursdays and with the 2 1/2 hour drive to Knoxville each way, I’m gone all day. She’s doing great with her lessons!

Ice Skating Lessons | A Virtuous Woman

On Friday I baked my favorite Butter Topped White Bread and make one loaf, plus a huge batch of Cinnamon Rolls and a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Delicious!! I’m going to be playing with this recipe this coming week too. I’ll share more recipes soon!

Butter Topped White Bread | A Virtuous Woman

We had planned to take the girls to the swimming pool today for the last summer swim at Natural Tunnel State Park today, but our plans have been rained out. Has it been raining everyday where you live? This has been the wettest summer.

I am excited about starting school this week. We plan to have a Labor Day picnic tomorrow if it doesn’t rain {good luck with that} and then get started with school on Tuesday.

Links for this Week
  1. Eat for 40 Cents a Day
  2. A Reminder for Moms as School Begins
  3. Getting Organized for Back to School
  4. Kids Daily Routine Checklist
  5. How Stress Can Ruin Your Health and Cause Belly Fat

Intentional Homemaking {Sundays at Home} Goals for this week. | A Virtuous Woman

Goals for This Week:
  1. Start getting up at 6:30 am again – everyday.
  2. Go to bed earlier – by 10 pm.
  3. Complete daily tasks each morning.
  4. Finish lesson plans.
  5. Get menu planned for week on Sunday.
  6. Bake bread.
  7. Deep clean my bedroom.
  8. Pack lunches each evening.
  9. Work on editing my book.
  10. Work on organizing the kids with their new chore list.

As you can see, I don’t have anything spectacular on my list. Of course, this is everything I had to do this week, just some things that I’d like to accomplish in addition to my regular daily chores and activities – you know, like laundry.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to reduce the stress in my life by setting reasonable goals and setting boundaries. I have a number of people in my life who tend to take advantage of my niceness. I’ve learned to say no more often, but I’m still working on cutting out other forms of stress like clutter and things/people that steal my time.

Any suggestions?

  • What goals do you have for this week?
  • Did you have anything exciting or stressful happen last week?
  • Are you homeschooling too? Do you write out your lesson plans in advance?

P.S. Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we continue our Bible Study on The Seven Churches of Revelation with Part Four: The Church at Thyatira.

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Random Thoughts

We have this hope. Hebrews 6:19 | A Virtuous Woman

First off, I’d like to ask for prayer for my husband’s step father – “Grandpa Robert.” His health has been declining over the last few months and over the last couple of weeks he’s been doing very poorly. He’s now experiencing kidney failure but the determined his heart was not strong enough to undergo dialysis treatments. His heart function is at only 15%. So, his heart is failing him as well. They are bringing him home tomorrow and hospice will be taking care of him.

On a brighter note, my daughter Emily (16 yo) has been practicing for her first recital coming up next month. She’s been taking lessons for the guitar for a little over a year. I wanted to share a video of her playing with you. I’m so proud! Can you tell? Emily is such a bright and beautiful girl, so talented.

Not only does she play a mean “git-tar,” but she’s an amazing artist! I want to share some of my favorites with you:


Emily's Art | A Virtuous Woman

A drawing of her sister and friend.

Emily's Art | A Virtuous Woman

I asked Emily to draw a barn for me… it’s now hanging in my family room.

Emily's Art | A Virtuous Woman

A commissioned piece she sold.

Emily's Art | A Virtuous Woman

A Girl on the Beach.

Emily's Art | A Virtuous Woman

Emily’s Self Portrait.


 However, the most meaningful thing to happen to me today? My 22 yo son who is away at college posted this on Facebook this morning:

Every Mother's Hope. | A Virtuous Woman

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Homeschool Nature Study – Barred Owl

Homeschool Nature Study - the Barred Owl | A Virtuous Woman

Baby Barred Owl

This morning my daughter Hannah came running in from outside where she was doing her nature study and says, “Mom! I just heard a bird that sounded like a monkey!”

She didn’t see the bird, though, so we did a google search for “bird that sounds like monkey” and found out the Barred Owl, which lives all over North America sounds very much like a monkey! We have seen this owl a few times in the past, but never heard its call. This was a very exciting discovery for us!

A Barred Owl call sounds like “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?”

I searched even further for more fun ideas to help us enjoy learning about these beautiful birds and wanted to share them with you.

First, I found this amazing video of a Barred Owl’s hoot.

I had the girls draw a picture of a Barred Owl. We looked at this photograph.

Barred Owl Nature Study | A Virtuous Woman

Barred Owl Drawing by Laura

barred owl_hannah

Barred Owl Drawing by Hannah

Here are some other resources you might enjoy:

The Barred Owl eats small mammals, including mice (a diet staple), shrews, voles, squirrels, chipmunks, hares, and rabbits. The Barred Owl might also consume other birds, reptiles, amphibians, crayfish, or insects.

The Barred Owl’s territory is a range of about one square mile. Courtship and mating begins in February with breeding occurring between March and August. They like to nest in unlined tree hollows anywhere from 20 to 80 feet above the ground. They may also use the unoccupied nest of a hawk, crow, or squirrel. The female will lay 2 to 3 eggs and is the primary caretaker of the eggs. The eggs incubate for 28 to 33 days. Four or five weeks after hatching, the young owls climb out of the nest and perch on nearby branches. It can be up to six more weeks before they are able to fly.


Pairs mate for life and territories and nest sites are maintained for many years.

You can read all about these beautiful birds at I hope you enjoy learning all about Barred Owls! Widgets

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