Sundays at Home {Intentional Homemaking} #5

Butter Topped White Bread | A Virtuous Woman

How was your week last week? The last couple of weeks were so busy around here! I hardly had time to breathe. First of all, our sweet dog Lucy had a terrible injury to her tail and she had to have it amputated. She’s doing much better now. Then, between trying to catch up on organizing and getting ready for school to start this coming

Random Thoughts

We have this hope. Hebrews 6:19 | A Virtuous Woman

First off, I’d like to ask for prayer for my husband’s step father – “Grandpa Robert.” His health has been declining over the last few months and over the last couple of weeks he’s been doing very poorly. He’s now experiencing kidney failure but the determined his heart was not strong enough to undergo dialysis treatments. His heart function is at only 15%. So, his

Homeschool Nature Study – Barred Owl

Homeschool Nature Study - the Barred Owl | A Virtuous Woman

This morning my daughter Hannah came running in from outside where she was doing her nature study and says, “Mom! I just heard a bird that sounded like a monkey!” She didn’t see the bird, though, so we did a google search for “bird that sounds like monkey” and found out the Barred Owl, which lives all over North America sounds very much like a

Ice Skating

Ice Skating with my girls | A Virtuous Woman

Have you ever been ice skating? We live in the boonies, so we have to drive two hours to get to the nearest ice skating rink. If you’ve never been before, let me tell you. It is so. much. fun. This past week, we took our two youngest girls to the Ice Chalet in Knoxville, TN. We’ve only been a couple other times, but I

Melissa’s Amish Peanut Butter

Amish Peanut Better recipe - sweet, creamy, and oh-so-yummy! @

Friday evening we had a shocking event with one of our horses. Mr. Cooper (who owns the land where we keep our horses) called and said that he was peeing blood. So we rushed over to check on him. There was a lot of blood. A scary amount of blood. In more than one place. Knowing that blood in the urine could mean a number

Emily’s Latest Drawing

I know. I shouldn’t brag. But it’s just so darn hard! Emily is 15 years old. She’s been drawing for a couple of years now. Here’s what she worked on over the last two days. The original photo: Emily actually looked at the photo and drew from her iPod! Here is the work in progress, step-by-step: Shhh. Don’t tell anyone because this drawing is a

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This past week, we didn’t have school on Monday – Labor Day – as we had family over for a picnic in the yard. Here’s our lunch boxes from the rest of the week: You can print my blank menu planner here. This week’s plan for suppers: M – Crock-pot Enchiladas, Broccoli Casserole, Salad T – Haystacks at church W- Falafel, Couscous, Hummus, Tahini Sauce

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After 15 years of homeschooling, I decided to try something new: packing lunches like the kids were leaving for the day. In years past, I have stopped what we are doing in the middle of the day to prepare a meal. We often eat hot lunches and since I make most of our foods from scratch, that can mean a good bit of time to

A Snake in the House

We found a snake in the house! | A Virtuous Woman

Hannah and Laura found this baby Milksnake in our family room. We let the pretty little thing go in the grass. I saw a very large one of these Eastern Milksnakes in my front flower bed about a month ago. I’m wondering if she made a nest by the house? Either way, this little guy found his way into our family room. Imagine Laura’s surprise

Sources for Craft Ideas

craft idea resources | A Virtuous Woman

My (elementary) children love arts and crafts of any kind. So, I try to add at least one idea per week to my lesson plans. So where do I find my best ideas? Family Fun Magazine – they’re website has tons of ideas (many of which are found in the print magazine!) If you don’t want to purchase a subscription for financial reasons, check your