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Summer Challenge 2012: Get Organized

Wow, I remember when I started A Virtuous Woman way back in 2001 and the internet was so different back then! We didn’t have all the cool software that we have today. I remember creating my household notebook and it was one of the first printable ones on the internet! My how things have changed!

So what is a Household Notebook/ Life Management Binder? It’s a binder that holds all of the important stuff you need to remember everyday!

You can still print our our basic Household Notebook here. I love colorful forms, but these are just basic black and white ones. Printing them on frequent basis means a lot of ink and if you’re like me, you can’t afford the colored ink! But then, maybe you don’t mind the extra expense, and would love some color in your notebook. So, either way, you’ll find something that works for you!

If you like the color but don’t want to print out each day, I’ll share with you tomorrow how I am currently setting up my household notebook with the best of both worlds!

Here’s one of my favorite pretty notebooks from A Bowl Full of Lemons

Source: on Pinterest

Here are some of my favorite links for household notebook printables:

Some other ideas I like:


Do you have a favorite source for great printables? Have you ever used a Household Notebook/ Life Management Binder? What have you accomplished today to get your home organized for the summer? Share with us!

You can find more ideas on my Life Management Binder Pintrest page.

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    If you like digital the old schoolhouse has digital planners that you can either print out or just leave on your computer!!

    I’m very excited for this challenge as I needed someone to help me get started again ! It’s become crazier and busier with the kids getting older, into mOre things, etc. this will definitely help out!!

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